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Genre = Spy/Mafia + Angst Pairing = Yoongi x Reader This prologue is set when you are 10 years old.
This was it. Your first day of training to join your father's organisation. It was exciting but obviously nerve-racking. For a girl of your age, you weren't expected to even think about killing others or joining some kind of Mafia like organisation. Except, you felt that as an only child, your father would want you to eventually take over the business some day. Anyway, you weren't exactly a girly girl and so you could easily fit into the spying environment. You held your mother's hand right up until the doors to the training centre opened. Then you spotted your dad and ran up to hug him. You only came up to his stomach height wise. "Hello sweetie! There's someone who I want you to meet" You smiled, 'ooh a new friend'
A dark haired boy appeared from round the corner. He was only just shorter than you but it didn't seem to show. "This is Min Yoongi, he's your age and so he'll be training exactly the same time as you." The boy smiled and held out his hand. You gladly shook it and responded on your cute high pitched voice, "nice to meet you, I'm Y/N" The boy nodded and beckoned for you to join him over by the survival zone in the training centre. You looked up at your dad and he nodded. You ran after the boy and sat down beside him. He picked up a small blade and began to cut some rope that was tied around a mannequin's hands. "It's pretty simple really. Just cut straight down" the boy spoke in a slightly lower pitch than you. Once he had cut it fully, he looked over at you. You were impressed.
"You're the boss' daughter right?" He asked. You nodded, "only daughter" "Well I think we'll be friends, besides if I'm friends with the boss' daughter that means I look good." You laughed thinking that it was only a joke. Oh how wrong you were at the time but you didn't understand what he was like back then. You just thought he was a kind guy that wanted the same job you did. He was nothing but kind to you throughout the training sessions and even remained by your side for the rest of the year.
As you grew up, you and Yoongi became better friends. You'd hang out with each other outside of training and got to know each other really well. Both of you were selected to join the organisation and it was pretty clear that you worked well together. Of course, he was physically stronger than you but that didn't stop you showing off. Eventually, you created some friendly competition between each other as you matured which quickly formed a rivalry. Who knew that friendship could escalate so harshly into being practically enemies?
Hope you enjoyed this little Intro into the story. Looking forward to posting the first few chapters, I have really enjoyed writing it so far!!!
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