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Yoseob took a jab at his own label. Many B2ST fans are unimpressed with how little Cube Entertainment promotes B2ST's activities, but apparently it's not just B2UTYs getting annoyed, because Yoseob took things into his own hands as well. Cube Entertainment posted an article about HyunA's appearance on 'Animal Farm' on their Twitter. Yoseob saw this and tweeted them back, writing "A yo, Cube? How have you been? Today, I sang with Jo Soo Mi-sunsaengnim. It looks like you didn't know, so I'm leaving a comment♡ Have a nice Friday!!!!!" The jab was refreshing to many fans (who also noted that even after the comment, Cube Entertainment had yet to talk about the concert), and yet still saddening as their artist had to call out their label's lack of promotion.
[NOTE]: All I got to say is, Fuck yeah, you go Yoseob! Listen to kpop and make today the best day ever! 안녕~
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This man makes me so happy! You go Yoseob!
Good. That's one of the reasons why one of em left in the first place. Everything has a domino effect in the music biz. You have artists putting in work with a lack of promotion, they get looked over and pissed off.
This is why I love Yoseob! 💕
YAS boo! So sassy