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Over the next few weeks all my bruises went away. Jin was always gentle with me He thought I'd freak out at anytime he touched me. I wasn't ever thinking he'd hurt me, but every time he'd touch me I'd get excited and my stomach would I flips. "So I'm going to go out with the guys is that ok?" Jin asked "Yea." "You're not upset?" "Jin I'm a big girl I can be left alone." "I know it just feels weird leaving you alone." "Well don't worry about me. You go and have fun. I'm just going to do some girl stuff." "You know we sound like a married couple." He stated laughing. "Well yeah....we have been friends for a long time and now we are living together." "Yeah. Oh by the way I want you to never think about leaving ok?" "Why not? Can I really stay here forever?" This wouldn't be good for my feelings but I'd really like to stay with him. "Yes!" He said hugging me "I'd probably eventually get in the way." "Never! Just stay forever please " He whined still folding me. "Ok! You should head out now. Have fun with the guys and tell them I say hi." "I will princess." He said and left. Now that I am finally alone after several weeks I had no idea what to do. I decided on putting on a drama and watching a few episodes. I also went through several things on my phone to keep me busy. I didn't pay attention to the time until I heard a thump at the door. I looked at the clock it was after 2 am. *Ding dong.....ding dong.* I got up and went to the door to see if it might be Jin. "Princess....can you open the door." I heard him and I quickly opened the door. He started to fall into the house. "Oh crap Jin." I said trying to help him stand up. "(Y/n) I'm hoooome!!!" He hit the wall after he walked away from me. "Jin are you ok? How much did you drink?" "Not alot like...." He started counting on his fingers and then gave up. "Ok alot." "Ok let's get some food in your system." I grabbed his hand pulled him towards the kitchen. I had him sit down on a chair and as I started to walk away he stopped me and pulled me back to him having me sit on his lap. "You love me right?" "What?" "I love you so much and it sucks because you only see us as friends." "I do?" "Yea at the hospital you said you loved me." "Yea because I were the one who said we were best friends so of course you'd love me too." "I did?" "Yea." I said trying to pull away. He then whispered in my ear. "Princess I want to fuck you so bad." I got those feelings again just by him saying that. A heat ran through me and I stood up real quick. "Food we need to get you food." I started making some food when he came up behind me and snaked his hand around my waist pulling me close to him. I could feel him up against me. "Food can wait." "No....Jin not when your drunk. Ok." He backed up and I turned to look him in the eyes. "Your right I'm gonna sober up and fuck you hard if you'll let me." He smirked "Man Jin aren't you a little dirty tonight." I laughed "I am." He quickly kissed me and was holding me. I could taste the alcohol. Thankfully after a sew seconds we pulled away. "You taste like alcohol." "Yea....but I promise I won't tomorrow. " He said and was about to lean in to kiss me. " need food and then rest." "You're so mean. " He said and ate some food. Then we went to his room and he fell asleep quick. I knew for a fact tomorrow no matter what I will hell him how I feel about him.
Jin is so precious....I guess I need to get new pictures of him with his blonde hair for the next update lpl. Any who I meant to update yesterday but I got a little sick and couldn't do much. So I hope you guys enjoy this. Question.....Should I had smut? Or shall I leave it for your imagination?
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Might want to revise the the first paragraph. lol Also, you don't need smut to make an already great story better. Personally, I'd rather you leave it out. If you do decide to add it, please make it obvious so some of us can skim past it, please.
If you add smut use a pic of him with blonde hair, a sexy pic xD or sexy black hair like in the NOW3 trailer lol Don't leave it to our imaginations xD its not as satisfying, omo 🙊 did I just say that? 🌚
Just alil Smut our precious eomma needs to stay kinda innocent..
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