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WARNING: Mature, sexual content

- Yoongi's point of view - I turn to her before I start them. "Okay. I have three songs for you listen to." She's practically beside herself with anticipation. I didn't think she could be such a fan girl. "Got it. Press play." "Calm down. I'm not done explaining. You obviously know what I've dealt with this past year." My voice gets a bit quiet and I look down slightly. "While I can't release these, I'd like you to listen to them. They're really personal and helped me overcome things and let my feelings out. It seems like a waste of time to write and complete three entire songs without the intention of playing them for anyone, it helped me understand myself though." I glance up and she's not smiling, but her expression is caring. I continue my explanation. "So, after the things you've told me about your own obstacles and how we can relate in ways, not to mention your sort of involvement in the situation; I thought I'd play them for you. Just one person; you. No one else would understand as well, and I don't want anyone besides you to hear them." Now she smiles with such warmth shining through. "I'm touched that you'd want to share these with me. Especially if they're so personal. I'm interested in knowing your inner thoughts and feelings." "You won't judge me, right?" "I'm never going to judge you Yoongi. Never." She's such a sincere person. "Thank you. As I was setting music to the lyrics for these, I realized they somewhat tell a story. I wrote the lyrics first and eventually made songs out of them, but they were written throughout the different stages of this all. I'd like you to listen to them all before you say anything. " "That's fine. I'm ready when you are." I nod and turn to face the computer. My finger hovers over the button to press play. This is hard. I just thought to do this on a whim. Now that I'm thinking of the lyrics, I realize I'm about to expose my soul. These are things I'd never share with anyone, and now I'm about to share them with the girl who spurred this all. Not that I blame her, these are the deepest songs I've written, and I was able to write them because of her. At my highest or lowest, she was still on my mind in one way or another, whether I realized it or not. She deserves to know, I'll get some closure and some satisfaction in sharing these with someone; with her. I find my resolve and press play. I'm not really embarrassed, I just feel a little; would naked be the word to describe it? My thoughts are on full display. Damn, I think I'd rather just be naked. That's way less personal. The last song finishes playing, but she's silent. I glance at her and her face is in her hands and she's shaking a little. "Boram, are you okay?" She nods slightly. "You're lying. Come here." I stand up and pull her to her feet. She's a little surprised when I pull her into a hug; surprised, but thankful as she hugs me back. Maybe this is the perfect close to such a thoughtful sequence of songs. For two people who can be so cold, we sure are emotional around eachother. Maybe it's because we can both relate. We know what it's like to have to be the strong one, the one who has to be there for the others who get emotional. The one to hold in the tears they want to show, but can't. The one who has no one to comfort them as they cry. We cry alone, with no one knowing the pain we feel. We're not truly alone, but we choose to keep others out in order to look like we've got everything together. Pretending our worlds aren't crashing down and our minds aren't coming apart at the seams. Coping with the fact that our thoughts are clouded and distorted by a mere chemical imbalance that changes who we are. It was all in those songs and that's probably why they hit her so hard. "Now you see why I'd never be able to release those." She nods as she cries. "I'd never want the world to know so much about me." I sigh. "But you can. You understand." She talks as she calms her crying down a bit. "I really do. God, those were beautiful. It's a shame you can't share them, but I get why you wouldn't want to. Those were very intimate and real. I look at you very differently now. These cracked that shell you had around you and I can see the real you now." I smile a little. "I hope the real-me is a good-me." Her head is still resting on my shoulder. "The real you is..." "Is what?" "Astounding." I know they were personal lyrics, but how much could she really pull from them in order to come to the conclusion that I'm astounding. "You put so much into these, whether certain things were subconscious or purposeful, I heard them. I felt them. Your voice, you had such emotion, it was raw and resonated in my mind and my heart. Your lyrics described feelings I've had myself, but also described things I hadn't in such detail that I felt them as if they had actually been my own. I experienced them." She sniffles. "And the music just tied it all together perfectly. I'm so lucky you shared these with me. Thank you so much. It is such an honor Yoongi. You shared your heart with me and I'll never forget it. Time will pass, but I'll remember the real you. I'll be the one person you can't hide it from." Tears are welling up and spilling over, running down my cheeks. Damn this girl and how she makes me cry. At first I hugged her to comfort her, then somehow it became reversed and now she's comforting me. "It was only three songs." "That's all it took. I heard you loud and clear. Whether you like it or not, you left it all out there in the open and I picked everything up." "So individually, what did you think?" She hums as she thinks; it's an interesting tone, it's not pleasant nor sad. "The first one was a love song." Embarrassing. "It was." She pauses as she's hesitant to say what we both know. "About me." So embarrassing. "Yes." "While I know you don't feel that way anymore, they were touching lyrics. To be honest, I wish Hoseok could write such pure lyrics about me." She giggles a little. "However, it definitely showed how little you knew about me. Nonetheless, the emotions you felt are ever present in the song and they lost no strength in the process. I felt how tied up you were by your thoughts, wants, and absolute longing. How trapped you were in the obsession. If I didn't know what I do, I'd just think it was a beautiful love song. But I know a lot more than the average person so I can see what they can't." "That's amazing that you can read between all those lines." "It's amazing that you can write between all those lines." "I suppose that's true." She sighs and shakes her head a little. "Then the second one. That was so turbulent. Your head was a mess. You were sunk deep in a cold darkness that left you hopeless of ever seeing light again. Like you were pointlessly trying to claw your way out of an endless pit. You felt helpless and chained to the bottom. Like you were ready to chew your own hands off to get rid of the shackles, but then you realized you wouldn't be able to climb out without them, so you were stuck in a purgatory filled with absolute desperation and conflict. And every time you cut, you weakened the links of the chains and felt something besides misery. You saw some light. But that light would dim shortly after, almost immediately, requiring more and more purging. Your existence was one of suffering and you were just trying to muddle through it. The fact you could manage to pick up a pen to write this is truly a testament to your talent and love for music." My tears show no sign of stopping as she paints the entire image the songs were meant to portray. An image I didn't think anyone could ever possibly see. But she sees every stroke of the brush and every color on the pallette. Her mind is so intelligent when it comes to things like this, like music and emotions. She's incredibly talented as well, she just doesn't see it or believe it. She continues. "The third one brought the roller coaster of emotions to its close. It was winding down and settling. The seas were calm and sailing was smooth. You'd found some peace and had come to terms with things. You'd become grounded back in reality and you saw how many people cared about you and were by your side to support you. It was touching and showed how light you felt as you were no longer weighed down by depression. You still had some obstacles to fully overcome, but you were okay with that. You were prepared to face them head on knowing that you had people who loved you and would be there to catch you if you fell. They'd help you get back up if you failed, they'd always reassure you that you can do it. It was lovely and I wish I had friends who I could feel that strongly about. It sounds pleasant. But for the few minutes that song played, I felt like I had those sorts of friends." I take a few deep breaths so I can stop crying. "You have those sorts of friends now." "You?" "Of course, without a doubt. But you have everyone else too. Believe me, I can tell. Knowing them as well as I do, I can see when they truly care about someone. When Jin said welcome to the family, he sure as hell meant it. He wasn't just being nice. We support you and will be here for you. You're not alone. We're far apart, but in this modern age you know first hand how useful technology is when you are trying to maintain a relationship. It works for dating, as well as friendship. So don't forget that." She gives me one last squeeze before we separate. My body feels a little cold having lost that warmth. She wipes her cheeks a bit and smiles. "Thank you. You mean a lot to me, all of you do. It warms my heart knowing I made some really great friends. As cheesy as that sounds, it's the truth." "It doesn't sound cheesy." "Good." She pauses, but then snaps back to her usual self. It's like she flipped a switch. She's smiling and chipper. It's strange how easily she can do that. "I hope you feel better having shared those songs with me." I smile, I can feel it's a gentle one. "I do. Thank you for listening to them and taking them to heart like you did. I won't forget it. It's nice to know there's someone who gets me so well." "I do. So if you ever need to talk with someone about those feelings, I'm just a phone call away. I know crying over the phone isn't as comforting as it is in person but it-" I stop her mid-sentence. "You're saying I can call you?" "Should I not? I thought all was well and I could trust you." "No, you can! I'm just surprised that's all." "Well, I trust you. All I ask is that you not break that trust. And if Hoseok bitches about it, you tell me and I'll set him straight. Because I can have friends. I want to have you all as friends, so he can deal with you all talking with me." "So you're giving everyone your number?" "Anyone who wants it. Jimin and Tae for sure do." "Why?" "Tae just wants someone to talk about anime with. Jimin wants to have my advice on dancing so he'll be sending me videos and I'll give him feedback. He also wants to make sure I go back to teaching dance." "You taught dance?" "Yep, ballet for about six years." "I bet you were a graceful dancer." "That's what he said when he saw the videos of me dancing." "Can I see them?" "Maybe another time. I really should find Hoseok. He's probably having withdrawals." I chuckle. "He probably is. I think he's in his room. I'm guessing he'd finally given up, went to pout, and actually fell asleep." She shakes her head. "What a baby. That sounds like something he'd do. I'll talk with you later." "Yep." She walks out and I sit back down. I can't believe how easily she picked those apart. She truly can read people like a book. It's insane. I'm glad I could meet a girl like her and have her in my life. Even if it's as a friend, that's enough for me. - Hoseok's point of view - I wake up to a gentle kiss and her lovely sing-song voice. "Wake up. I'm done being taken away. I'm all yours now." She's in bed next to me with her arm around me. Can I just wake up like this everyday? I move closer and let her hold me. So this is how it feels when I hold her. I feel content. I happily sigh. I wonder how long I can go without saying anything. I don't want to interrupt this. She laughs lightly. "It's nice to be the one doing the holding for once. With how sweet you're acting, it's like I'm protecting a puppy. It's so cute to have you be cuddly. You're adorable sometimes." A puppy? Not sure I want to be seen as a puppy, but being cute is okay. Adorable isn't great, but if she likes it, I'll deal with it. "Did you fall back asleep?" I'll pretend I'm sleeping. Just for fun. A few moments later she sighs. She talks slowly and quietly, "Guess so. I'll let him sleep a little longer." She's quiet for a minute, but then starts mumbling to herself, "He really is the love of my life, isn't he?" There's a pause. "Definitely. The future has so much for us; me moving here, us getting married, having children. I can see doing all that. Not sure how long I can put off moving here though. Before I spent this much time with him it wouldn't have been as hard." I hear her sniffle. Is she crying? "But this is going to be so heartbreaking to leave and not see him for another year. It'll be too much." I break my silence. "Then when can you move here?" She jumps a little when I speak. "Hey, were you listening? God that's rude." "Sorry. I just liked listening to you. I couldn't help it once you were saying such honest thoughts." "That doesn't matter. You shouldn't do that. It's embarrassing." "I know. Sorry. Can you tell me though?" She's still holding me tight. "Tell you what?" "When you can move you here." "Not sure." "Three years?" "Not that long." "Two?" "Doubtful." "One?" "Probably." I'm unable to control how much I'm smiling. "Seriously? That soon?" "That's what I'm thinking. Is that crazy?" "Maybe to some people, but I'd love it if you did. It'd make me unbelievably happy. I'd probably cry." "Don't kid yourself, you'd cry and you know it." I chuckle. "Shut up. I can't wait. That's so soon, but even so I don't know how I'll be able to wait." "It's a really big deal. It's a huge step, so before I do that, I need to know that you're in this for the long haul." "I love you Boram. I don't ever want to lose you, I won't leave you. I need you in my life and that won't change. You're absolutely my soul mate. I never would have thought such an outrageous idea was true until I met you. How I ran up to you without thinking and how quickly I became enamored with you. It was an indescribable connection that can only be explained by you being my soul mate. Is fate a silly thing to believe in?" Her tone is so gentle. "Not at all. I think it's the only thing that can explain how this happened." "I suppose you're right. Now let's finish what we've started several times tonight." I pull her close to me and kiss her. I've been put off way too much tonight. I refuse to control myself or hold back any longer. I hope I can keep this fairly quiet. I put my leg between hers, intertwining them. She leans in more and let's out a few small moans. She so sexual, I can't resist her. She's too damn tempting. This is so strange doing this in my own room and in my bed. I've never taken a girl in here, well, besides when I brought her in here to sleep and feel better. That was definitely different though, my intentions aren't so pure this time. We continue, then after awhile she runs her hand down the front of my body. She rubs me through my pants and I twitch a little. She pulls away slightly, but keeps rubbing me. "Are you sure you want to do this? What if they hear?" "We'll be quiet." "What if they walk in?" "We'll be quick. Besides, it'll be better because there's a chance we'll get caught. Risky things are always more fun. You taught me that." She shakes her head. "You're so bad now. It seriously turns me on when you want to break the rules and be naughty." "You absolutely kill me when you talk like that." "Then shut me up." "With pleasure."
I roll her onto her back and she takes off her panties. I position myself between her legs and I'm undoing my pants when she stops me. "Will you take off your shirt? I want to see some more skin." She sits up and slides her hand under my shirt. She looks at me with puppy dog eyes. "Please Hoseok, please take it off." I'm immediately pulling my shirt off over my head; as if I could honestly resist that. She smiles. "Thank you. You look very sexy." She lies back down. I undo my pants and pull them down a bit. I lift up her hips and slide into her. "You always feel so damn good." She just nods. I think she's trying hard to keep her mouth shut so she doesn't make noise. Apparently it feels just as good for her. I lean over her and go deeper. She let's out the tiniest moan. I can live with that, it's quiet enough. I don't want to tell her to stop anyway; I love hearing it. After a minute she puts her arms around my neck. "If you want this to be quick, then you have to go faster." I know she's right, but it feels fucking amazing when there's a chance of getting caught. "Can we go slow for just a minute or two?" She takes a quick breath in; I hit the right spot. "Do whatever you want, as long as you keep doing what you're doing." Glad she sees it my way. I take it slow for a lot longer than just a minute or two, probably fifteen minutes longer; but she's enjoying it so much that I don't want to stop. "You're going to get in trouble." "Does it feel good?" "Very." "Then I don't care." There's a knock on the door. "Hey, Jin said Boram should probably get going soon. You can go with for the night and all that, but it's getting a little late." Dammit, the last thing I need is to hear Jungkook's voice when I'm having sex. This is an extremely poor time to have a conversation. Alright talk normally, not breathy. "That makes sense. We'll leave soon." She suddenly drags her nails down my arms. I moan a bit. I look down and she's got the most evil smile on her face. She's such a sadist. Jungkook's voice shows concern. "Are you okay?" She puts her finger to my lips and answers him. "He's fine hun, no worries. Can you tell Jin we'll be leaving soon? I don't want him to get mad at us." "Sure, I can do that." "We'll be out in a bit so I can say bye to everyone." "Alright. I'll go tell Jin." "Thanks." "Yep." I hear him walk away. I give her a disapproving look. "What were you thinking?" She smirks. "You said you didn't care if you got caught." I start again. I grab her hair and pull it a little as I lean down and give her a small bite on her shoulder. She moans, not too terribly loud though. "There. Now we're even." "That's fine. I liked it. You should do it more often." "I'll keep that in mind." "I don't know if I can be quiet much longer though; so I think you really need to finish up." Well, that's a big compliment. I go hard and speed up. I put my hand over her mouth, knowing she was going to moan. She does so I'm glad I caught that. "Quiet." She nods and I take my hand off. She's biting her lip to keep quiet. That's so sexy. I knew if I went fast I'd cum right away. At the same time I let out a fairly loud moan.
"That moan wasn't quiet." She's trying not to laugh. I lean back. "Shut up. It's your fault." She nudges me with her knee so I move over and she can close her legs. "How?" "You felt too good." She laughs. "Sorry?" I pull up my pants. "Don't be. I'll take the embarrassment. Though, I apologize for basically announcing what we were doing by being loud like that." "At this point, I'd guess they assumed we were going to end up doing this anyway. I just didn't want to be loud and embarrass myself." She laughs. "Hopefully, that wasn't as loud as we think it was. We both know how far your voice travels though." "Don't make fun of me." "I'm not making fun of you. You know I like when you make noises." "Yeah, yeah. Let's stop talking about it." "Okay. So how long should we wait before we walk out? I'm not quite prepared to get up anyway." I smile smugly as I shrug. "I dunno, fifteen minutes. I don't really know the protocol for fucking in the dorms." She laughs. "Well I feel pretty special. I'm the first girl you had sex with in your room." I lie down next to her. "You're the first girl I've ever had in the dorms, period. You're very special." She rolls over and hugs me. "What do you want to do tomorrow? It'll be our last full day together." "You know what I want to do?" She giggles. "No that's why I asked." "This. Let's just stay in the hotel and do nothing but cuddle and be close. Or is that boring? Because we can definitely do other things while we're there." "Oh I plan on doing other things in that room, but that sounds absolutely perfect. A relaxing day with you sounds wonderful." "Then that's what we'll do. Now to play the waiting game until we walk out. Fifteen minutes should do it. By the way, how the hell can you hold up a conversation like that in the middle of sex?" She laughs. "Concentration I guess. If you'd have been moving though, you better believe I couldn't have said one word to that boy." "Let's hope he didn't catch on." "Sure. Let's hope, but don't be shocked when everyone knows." "Shut up." "Make me." We spent the next fifteen minutes in silence. Only the sounds of our breathing and lips coming together and parting. Time flies when you're having fun. A/N- for those who skipped the smut, Jungkook had knocked on the door while they were having sex to tell them Jin wanted them to head out since it was getting late. Boram proceeded to make Hoseok moan, which is why he's worried he's going to tell the other guys. She took over the conversation at that point and got Jungkook to walk away as if nothing happened.
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