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Some days just flat-out suck, don't they? Nevermind the fact that it's also a Monday, today has just not been my day, personally. After not being able to sleep all night and powering through a brief and dismaying job interview, I'm already done being a person for today and it's barely 1pm.
Some days you've gotta just say 'fuck it', treat yourself to a little retail therapy (even though you know you can't afford this shit right now) and go home, only to be told all the things you should be doing by parents who mean well, but really don't know how to make you feel any better. Or want to try to.
Then you get on the internet and for a brief, shining moment, things feel kind of okay. Why?
Because there's a video of some adorable geckos eating sugary droplets dubbed over with Yoshi noises.
You might be a broke, unemployed fuckup, but hey, Yoshis!
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Life is complete. Game over.