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I think often times we get into the habit of thinking that job interviews are a one-way street, where we take the questions but we don't ask any ourselves. It's important to figure out whether the company you've applied to is a place where you want to pour your hard-work, time, and effort into.
Granted, not all of us have the luxury to choose, as we do need to consider outside forces, like time and financial constraints. However, if you've got some wiggle room, and you know that your potential employer NEEDS your skills, get to know everything about the company. Think about work-culture, benefits, room for growth, long-term expectations, ect.

Just like you're looking for a job, hiring managers and recruiters are frantically searching for the perfect candidate to fill that open position.

Remember that.
Interview THEM. Ask questions. Make the final decision.
That's really great advice! I always feel dumb when it gets to the part where they ask me if I have any questions. I never have any really prepared.