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so I have a few(million) ideas for games but I have no clue If they'd be fun or not, plus I have no contacts in the game development industry lol so I figured I would run it by you fine people first 1. word of honor- kinda like Scrabble meets call of duty meets rampage, essentially you have a city and your opponent has a city and you go back and forth playing words but the twist is that your city or there's gets destroyed based on the word, for example if I play thief maybe a group of thieves come and pillage their city or maybe steal money from them 2. Final commando- essentially this is like a survival based splinter cell where you, as the main character, must get out of the hostile country through say 20 missions using only stealth and environmental weapons like hammers or knives or bottles using stealth and distractions to fight your way through the enemy lines...like manhunt meets sniper elite but without the sniper rifle and lastly 3. hidden truth- as a SWAT team member you have to fight a local crime cartel in order to uncover the truth about a national security threat so what do you think... feedback is appreciated thanks in advance
I like that idea or maybe defensive words rebuild your city
Sniper Elite, without the snippy-snap? I think my soul just died. D:
I like the first idea most...you could even pay defensive words like "police" or "turrets", which would give you units to place strategically within your city...
thank you
Good luck! ^.^
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