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I get it. In the modern era, catchy advertising is the only way to establish any sense of brand recognition. You need to be able to resonate with your target audience, and as my generation and the one after mine grows older and becomes the dominant buying market, you'll start to see ads like this one. This is a Ford commerical. It's advertising why you should go and buy one of their models of car. however, instead of using typical celebrity plugs (like Matthew McConaughey with Lincoln), the company decided to appeal to the cult of gaming fanatics obsessed with Metal Gear Solid. It makes a little bit of sense to me, considering that Metal Gear Solid V was one of the most anticipated (and well received) games of all time. Though on that same line, you would have thunk they'd use this trailer in conjunction with the release of the game last year instead of now when the hype has gone down considerably. They could have really played to nostalgia with the ad if they'd timed it better, whereas now it seems like a desperate ploy to get viewer's attentions. They take one of the most iconic enemies of the series, Psycho Mantis, one who was able to 'read your mind' by reading data off of the memory card you had in the machine. They flip the script and now they've made it a plug for Ford. I don't know how Hideo Kojima signed off on this, or if he even had to. Either way, this seems like a mess to me and I think it shows how these adverts are appealing to the lowest common denominators possible in searching for their niche audience. Only Metal Gear fans/video game fans will even understand the references being made here.
Ford is the only car company worth supporting.
i love ford
i love this
Uh no, I'm good. I loved that game and now I just don't wanna play it ever again
................This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.
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