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So I got the Season's Greetings 2016 box, as some of you may know from a previous card. However, I've become conflicted about something.
I got a scheduler in the box (love it!!!) but I am hesitant to write in it cause it's so pretty. I know that it's made to be used but...but...gah!! I need advice, should I use it? Or keep it as like, a collectible? Anyway, here's some pictures for reading my post, lol. Please comment your opinion.
@IsoldaPazo @KellyOConnor @ElishaFisher @netchtiBates thank you! I appreciate your input
lol I have the same problem with some items! Like the EXO coloring book, I bought two just so I could keep one as a collectable.
Don't ask me. I have a BAD habit of buyng fancy notebooks and never using them..... because they are too fancy. I'd end up not using the VIXX notebook. 😦
I use mines but that's bc I see no point in having it and not using it
that's hard you might regret it either way. ;( if you write it in make it meaningful or positive or important that way if you regret it later and wish you would have kept it a collectible you can at least defend what you actually put into it. *shrugs* I DK my opinion is slightly invalid, imma packrat.
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