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Idk What To Feel .-.

I wanted P1 seated tickets in section 18 for Kcon on the 25th but THEY WENT SOLD OUT IN LIKE 30 SECONDS probably less ;-; So while I was on the phone the guy said there weren't any 2 seats next to each other (For my mom and I) I almost started crying ㅠㅠㅠㅠ But the dude found tickets in P2 section 5 MY JIN WONT EVEN SEE MY POSTER 😂😨😭😭😭😭😭 But I still get one CHANCE (dammit) at the Hi-touch and Red Carpet, instead of a guarantee ㅜㅜ Im at least happy I get to go, but my throat hurts from the urge to cry, my eyes watered as I typed this up 😅😥 I'd rather sit in section 22 cuz Jin is usually on the left 😁👸🏻💕 ~SeNa 세나
Just adding to this 33 mins later It hadn't gotten to my head yet that Im going to Kcon so I started saying everything out loud and fangirling so hard Im still screaming xD "I'm going to Kcon, I'm gonna see BTS in concert, I'M GONNA BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS JIN!!" The Jin part is where I lost it 😂 I didn't get the seats I wanted but seeing my jagi is enough for me ^^ I keep imaging seeing him and I scream again, then my dad said "And he looks at you" I was like "APPA! Dont add to my feels 😂"
I'm just glad I was able to get a ticket to Kcon because I want to see BTS and Mamamoo. I was at work so I had to buy it when I got home and I almost cried thinking I wasn't gonna be able to get one until the app found one for me. This was also the case when I was trying to buy a ticket to see Got7 in July in NY, glad I was able to get one then also.
@AbbyRamey I believe its P3 to Premium tickets
@AbbyRamey Maybe we can meet up xD My friend on Instagram and I are planning to meet up too lol
@Badtz Aww I wish you guys could come😰 I gotta buy poster supplies 😱
dang it..I didn't get hi touch :"/
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