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Drama series depicts the story of marriage, remarriage and divorce. Han Mi Mo was once an idol group member, but she now works as a representative of a remarriage consulting business. She gives honest answers to her customers who hope to remarry. Song Soo Hyuk is a divorced man in his thirties with an 11-year-old son. He is a good-looking gossip reporter who looks like he is still in his twenties. He is very good at his job, because his looks and smiles melt the hearts of his interview subjects, and they are very willing to disclose even the deepest secrets. “One More Happy Ending” will deal with the stories of the divorced, who dream of becoming happy one more time.
Angels Singing Group
(Pink) (Han Mi Mo) Jang Na Ra
(Green) (Go Dong Mi) Yoo In Na
(Purple) (Hong Ae Ran) Seo In Young
(Blue) (Baek Da Jeong) Yoo Da In
(Yellow) (Goo Seul Ah) Park Sandara
(Song Soo Hyeok) Jung Kyung Ho
These two definitely know how to make entertaining scenes throughout the show. You will especially love the scenes when they execute the feelings of the characters for when it comes time to get serious.
Side note* Whenever these two start drinking, there will be tons of laughing coming from you from seeing the adventures they end up in haha
See what I mean lol ^_^
Song Soo Hyeok even has a son named Song Min Woo played by Kim Dan Yool who is really bright for his age. He is neither bratty nor spoiled. It's pretty interesting that Min Woo even puts his father's needs first. He told Han Mi Mo a couple of times that he doesn't need a mom, he wants a woman for his dad. Definitely another loveable child actor added to the list to love ^_^.
Everyone has their own story when it comes to finding happiness and love in their life. Some have to get over hurdles of a marriage to keep it from failing, being divorced, handling a new marriage, love rivals and discovering love all over again. If you are a couple, tell your boyfriend to watch this show with you so he can learn a thing or two if needed. We all know KDramas can give us great advice in life lol.
I must watch
@petname83 Definitely worth the watch. I laughed more than I expected to