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I was first introduced to BTS last year with War of Hormone. I fell in love with their dance moves and music. But ever since then, they got even better and still gets me hot everytime I watch.
Next I viewed of them was Dope. Their dancing was hella better than before when I watched this. (Kookie is bae <3)
Next is Fire, and like holy damn did I need to take a shower and calm down after watching (don't judge my weirdness) Kookie and RapMon were beast as hell
And then the brandy new one, Save Me. It may be just dancing in the middle of no where, but who the hell cares, they are still baes and dance hella good.
How the heck did these boys not win the last award for best MV dance? (The one I'm talking about, Big Bang won... they don't even dance)
@CrookedShadow DO IT!!!!!!!!!! That would literally be awesome!!
Right!?!? BTS work so hard on their dances and all their dances are just so amazing!!!!! I want to learn them all!! So far I've only learned War Of Hormone and now I'm trying to decide if i should learn Fire cx
@NinjaGirlEmber I almost finished learning Fire!!!! Such a hard dance!! But so fun!!!!