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Just a little extra lol
Ok so the only hotel i could find to stay at for kcon LA was 100 dollars a night ? the reviews were crappy for the hotel but i guess i'm going to have to stay there. I'm on a buget lol

I was just wondering where everyone else was going to stay?

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When I went to LA for a Miyavi show I stayed at a hostile off of Broadway. I think it's a bit away from the convention center tho. But if you get a bus card and do some planing for travel time it's doable. I just stayed it a dorm room with other girls, and it was 40$ a night! Every one was so nice and the place was super clean 鈽猴笍
if I was going but I doubt I will 馃槼 would stay at my place I live like 15 mins away
Definitely backing up the airbnb tip, I've used it instead of hotels many, many times. I got a place for kcon for $40 a night and it's in walking distance.
@BitAKnee @addri @ESwee THANK YOU GUYS!! I found an airbnb thats only 2 min away from staples center
woot woot!!