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I was on there the moment of trying to get p1single standing tickets for Saturday and it kept telling me it was unavailable. It kept trying to give me seating tickets, for after trying for so long I was only able to get combo seating tickets for p2 ㅠㅠ which was more money and I won't even really be there during the day Friday because I'll be doing NY I feel Like it's a waste for whatever event I get Friday. If anyone wants any events for Friday maybe we can trade scratch offs? if anyone would rather be sitting than standing maybe we can trade tickets?
I'm stuck in Texas lol... I'm going to try to make it to the one in LA or keep hoping and praying that they come back to Dallas!! I hate that they're gonna be so close yet so faaar 😣😣
I bought them on Friday when they opened up the tickets for combo and platinum right at 1pm Eastern haha. I WAS WAITING AND I WAS NERVOUS! I just kept searching and searching on Ticketmaster and finally found 3 GA tickets for me and my friends. Believe me, I went through a lot to find those tickets.
@moonchild03 that's why I sold mine first come first serve and not highest bidder. it's not fair to people who have a budget
Okie dokie. :) hope we find some for u
@moonchild03 I got mine from ticket master. but I'll help keep an eye out for you if you want
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