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Taeyeon is my bae, and so when I see people disregarding her right to privacy, it makes me so angry. Her instagram was recently hacked by unknown people.
We all know hacking occurs within any fandom, stressing idols out. Taeyeon was a recent victim as she noticed her settings being changed. Trans of comments above: "Look at the pictures added. If I didn't do it, who did? I keep getting texts asking for my password. Please stop this." "I blocked automatic adding, so there's no way that a photo of the user could come up if I hadn't personally added it. However, ever since the day I asked you all to post a photo of you drinking makgeoli and the last day of the concert, I haven't opened up automatic adding since then."
Recently on her snapchat, Taeyeon posted these on her story. These translate to: "Stop the hacking" "I want to keep the only method of communication I have with my fans. I don't want to delete it."
Can you even call yourself a fan? How could you so blatantly harass her? Some people have to rely on her instagram as a way to see how she is doing (esp. international fans who can't go to concerts or fan meets in korea), don't make her get rid of this. Allow idols to be able to separate their professional life from their private life.

Idols are just as human as we are and they deserve the respect and privacy that we have.

Please spread awareness.. our Taengoo doesn't deserve to be treated like this.