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I am sorry that I won't be posting much for this week and possibly next week. I might drop some cards to post but not as much. I have been stressing over school and all the exams and final tests that I would have to take. I would be seeing and clipping cards that you would post but I'm sorry if I won't be as much active as I have been. Especially today since I have been told horrible news that I'm still noticed as a sophomore and not a junior due to missing credits. I'm failing chemistry and geometry. My chemistry teacher has told me that for the final test if I didn't want to take the test , it would be alright and that he would put a 50 in my grade. Should I do it? Should I just take the 50 or do the test? I am scheduled to take summer school which I would pay for myself because I don't want my mom to pay she already dealing with too much things. I'm stressed , cause then technically their telling me I'm still a sophomore and not a junior so what, I have to be in high school for 5 years?! This is not acceptable even in my family I would be a disgrace to the family. And I only have 2 more weeks of school! I really do need a miracle right now. Well I'm sorry for just telling you my problems that doesn't care but I just needed to let it out. I'm truly sorry to everyone.
@MaricelvaRomero Don't worry sweetie. .please do not worry about the cards and I don't know about the 50 as grade that means you still have to take summer classes can he give you a 65? at least ..can't you do like an extra credit project or something? talk to him.. and another thing make sure each semester you take exactly what you need don't procrastinate ok. like there is a certain amount of credits to be a Junior.. how many? find out.
@melissagarza thank you so much! And I might take my chemistry quiz or I'll just say if I can look at it to see if I can do it you know? And I'll keep fighting thank you once again
I'm sorry to hear you're having such a tough time now. Are you planning on doing your final in chemistry? Will going to summer school help pass to 12? Oh girl, you going though this reminds me of what I went through. I had to do 5 years of high school. I failed my junior year because I didn't have enough credits. I almost quit school but my aunt talk me out of it. So what I'm trying to say don't quit and fight. You can do it. Take as much time you need to get back on track in your studies. We'll be here waiting ☺
it's ok girlie. if you need help with any studying I can help you if you entitled through the internet.
I have finals this week :/ let's do our best okay! :D Fighting! :D
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