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Written by Erin Nicole. Starring: Y/N, Kim Namjoon. Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Teen Romance. (Warning) Mild Language.

If you haven't Read Chapter 1 Yet, you'll probably want to check that out before reading this.

You can See Chapter 1 Here.

Chapter 2. Exposed Lies.

I Go home that afternoon after School. I walk in and slam the Door. I walk up to my room and stayed there for the rest of the night. I Just wanted to sleep away the Rest of the day. I lay in Bed that night. "Who is Namjoon? How does he know So much about me?" I ask myself. I wake up the next morning, and as usual. I do my Morning routine. I get ready for another hellish day at school. I arrive at school, I walk down the hall to my locker. meanwhile Namjoon is putting Stuff in his locker all the way at the end of the hall. David walks up to his locker which is next to Namjoon's. "So, You heard about Me and Y/N?" asked David Jokingly. "I don't want to talk about it." Said Namjoon while trying to ignore him. "Come on, you know she loves all this attention she's getting. She's Popular now." Scoffed David. "Shut up!" Barked Namjoon. "You know that a girl like Her would be lucky to be with anybody, I mean, let's be honest, Look at her. She's not really the most Attractive..." He Scoffed. "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!" Namjoon screams and Interrupted as he pins David against The Locker with his hand on his throat. The whole School, including me Gather around them. David looks At him with fear as Namjoon's Eyes change color from a Dark brown into a Bright Glowing Blue. "I'm sorry, I'm SORRY!" David shouted full of fear. "MR. KIM, I WANT TO SEE YOU IN THE PRINCIPLE'S OFFICE!" Shouts the Teacher. Namjoon Releases David from his Grasp, and he looks at David with a Threatening look as he Reaches in his Pocket to Grab his sunglasses. Namjoon puts the Sunglasses on to hide his Eyes, and walks toward the teacher. THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIM!!! David shouts from behind Namjoon. "HIS EYES!!! HIS EYES!!!" Cries David Terrified."HE'S A FREAK!" He screams while pointing at him. Namjoon stops in his tracks, turns around and Glares at him. David Shuts up real quick. "What happened? "What did he get so mad at David about?" I asked myself because I didn't know what had happened. nothing else really interesting happened the rest of that day. the Next day. I walk down the hall that morning at school, more flyers are everywhere, but this time, the Flyers looked a little different. As I start to examine The flyer a little closer, I noticed that there were two pictures. One with Rachel in bed with David that said in big Letters below the picture 'Original' and The picture of me next to it that says below the picture of me 'Photoshopped'. Rachel is Brook's Best friend. Brook tells Rachel Everything. "Rachel slept with David, and Framed me!" I said to myself. She framed me because she didn't want Brook to know that she had betrayed her and slept with her boyfriend. As I walk Further down the hall, I hear Loud Screaming. and so, I walk further to see what is going on, I find Brook and other students throwing Eggs at Rachel. YOU'RE NOT MY FRIEND ANYMORE!!!" Screams Brook. I'm Sorry, Brook!" Cries Rachel. I see Namjoon just standing there leaning up against a Locker. "Aren't you going to do anything?" I asked Namjoon. "My Part has already been done." He said. "But aren't you the one that always stands up for people?" I ask him. "She had it coming." He said. Namjoon walks up to me."You're Welcome." He whispers in my ear, and walks off.
I Hope you enjoyed. Chapter 3 is Coming out Really Soon. 馃@Sammie99522 @CrookedShadow @AbbyRamey @KarenGuerra93 @Imagimato1997 @CrystalGuerra
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