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Annyeong lovely people! Reporter Taemi here! Last week we covered Bangtan's first win on M!Countdown for 'Fire'! Also last week they have slayed not only just one, not only just 2, but 3 wins! Bangtan x A.R.M.Y. power!

Fire 2nd Win on Music Bank!

Music Bank 'Fire' Performance

BTS wins 1st place, Encore, and behind the scenes. It was so cute when they threw Jung Kookie up and down!

'Fire' 3rd Win on Inkigayo!


Save Me performance

Golden & beautiful! & Rap Monster's wink though.. omg

Fire Performance

Bangtan's 3rd win for 'Fire'! and also their goodbye stage.

Congrats to BTS & A.R.M.Y for working hard! Fighting!!

I'm going to miss the Hyyh Era so much!!! *KpopINT does not own any of these photos or videos. Creds to the rightful owners.

Reporter @parktaemi

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Same here! I'm seriously going to miss the 화양연화 era~ 😢😢😢😢😢