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********N'S BACKSTORY******* I just transferred into this school and they already have warned me about that girl. That girl. The girl who sits alone at lunch, The girl who walks alone, The girl who never talks. Her. She was mysterious. She always seemed to make my blood feel cold. She knew how to mess with people's minds. As if she was a Hypnotist. I never knew her name. No one did. She was known as 'The Unpleasant'. I don't know why. That's what everyone called her. She seemed creepy in a way. I tried to talk to her once. I failed miserably. Everyone tells me to stay away from her, But I don't care what they say. I don't believe everything they say. I remember walking into English class around my first week at school. She was sitting in the corner all by herself. The teacher looked around the room. There was only 1 seat left, Which was right next to hers. All the students gasped and stuttered. I didn't give any thought. She seemed pretty normal. I sat next to her with pride as I introduced myself to her privately. But the only thing is... I didn't know if she could speak Korean or English. I tried English first. "Hey Um... I'm new here. My name is Cha HakYeon. But you can call me N." No response. Time to bust out Korean. "Annyeongsaeyo Naeun yeogie saeloun haeyo. Nae ileum-eun Cha HakYeon-ibnida. Hajiman dangshin-eun N." {I don't know if this the correct translation I tried my best xD} Still no response. She just sat there with no reaction whatsoever. She looked emotionless. I shooked her up a bit to get her attention. "Hey are you okay Miss?" She looks at me as her eyes twinkle under the bright light of the ceiling. Her eyes were so pretty. She nodded shyly as her eyes landed on mine. I blushed a bit. I can't help but admit. She was sort of cute. Very beautiful actually. I looked at her notebook. One side was filled with English notes then the other.. It's filled with drawings. Voodoo looking drawings. I was terrified yet impressed by her artwork. So gratifingly detailed, It looked real. Later that day, I saw her at lunch by herself. I walked over to sit next to her until an arm grabbed me. "What are you doing?!" A boy whispered. "I'm going to sit down.." I responded awkwardly. "You're new here aren't you?" He chuckles. "Yeah I am. So what?" "Well... That girl is creepy as hell. She carries dolls in her backpack. She has drawings of dead people all over her notebooks. She never talks. She looks very very Emo." I interferred him. "Just cause she looks Emo doesn't mean she is. She is a human too. She has feelings, Don't hurt them or I'll hurt you." "Cute. You're protecting her. I see you into that freaky stuff." I ignored him. I swear that kid was annoying. I went to sit next to her. The corner of her lips lifted upwards, Made me happy. I saw her drawing this shadowy looking figure. She was talented that's for sure. "You are such a good artist I'll tell you that." I smiled. She smiled back. I heard a few mumbles and grumbles around the room. I looked over everyone. They were staring at me. At her. Both of us while laughing. "I guess he wants to die!" "He should bury her after she committs suicide!" "Be like Romeo and Juliette and kill each other!" I felt something touch my arm. Smeared makeup. It was her tears. Tears of sadness. She started to cry into her notebook. Her drawings start to drizzle and fade. She gets up and tries to run away. "I hope you all are aware of what you caused." I scolded. I ran towards her. "Wait Miss!" She stops and stands still. She looks down as I circled her. I pulled her hair out of the way. She immediately moves it back into place. I was tempered. "Don't listen to them. They have no idea what they're talking about. You aren't creepy at all. I think you're really cool and I'd like to get to know you better." She lifted up to a smile with tears rolling down her cheeks. I wiped her tears as I used my sleeve to wipe off the makeup. She looked much prettier without it. "You know... You are very pretty. Prettier then most girls here I have seen." She blushes really hard. I'm glad I could make her day. "Here." I handed her a sheet of paper. I gave her my number. It seemed like she hated talking. Texting would be a lot easier. I gave her a simple side hug before heading towards my other class. ***AFTER SCHOOL*** I waited for the bus as I stood by the stop listening to music, As usual. I saw that kid. That same annoying kid who made her cry. I walked towards him with my fist pumped and ironed. I gripped onto the collar of his shirt. He seemed too easy. "Why did you make her cry?! What did she ever do to you?! She is very sweet when you get too know her!" "She's luring you dude. One minute she's innocent then the next she will pounce on you and have your head on a plack hung on the wall." I let him down uncaringly. "Whatever." Finally, The bus arrived. I get into the bus and sat in the back. I looked out the window. "What if all those rumors are true? How come she wouldn't talk? Does she think I'm weird?"

I hoped you enjoyed! I had fun writing this story! If you had caught a theme so far about my VIXX stories... Comment!

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I think the theme is about each ones love interest and how they are only looking at one girl.
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