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Annyeong! Reporter Taemi here! So I was scrolling through my Twitter time line and I saw someone posted this picture which is from BTS fansigning event. A fan thought there would be another cypher or comeback (we all want another cypher please!) but instead, Yoongi indeed have something else in mind for us in August! He said "Only two of us will have no rest (will be tired)". Then as you see on the picture with Yoongi, in the background, the wall says "Min" or "Mini". What do you think this is supposed to mean?? Some think it could be a "Yoongmin" (Yoongi and Jimin) collab!
Well the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was "Yoongi might be talking about his mixtape!" I hope so! I'm so looking forward to it! But for now this stays as a mystery. BigHit is very sneaky! So watch out, keep your eyes open lol. *Kpopint does not own any of these photos. Creds to the rightful owners.

What do you guys think? What are your expectations?

Reporter @parktaemi

BigHit and their big hits smh 👌🏻🤔✌🏻️
ayyy if so this mixtape about to be LIT💗🔥
probably mixtape since he let us here a little on his birthday! can't wait! I'm going to die! Lol
I think mixtape n I hope it's featuring jhope XD
It's very possible, Suga has said many times the member he likes writing and producing for best is Jimin because of the younger's vocal style.
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