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Hey Vingle Family!! Okay, Okay, I know, I haven't been very active... I'm sorry!! But I also haven't had a phone for probably a month or longer.. But I am now on my laptop! I also haven't been active mainly because I got really super busy, and now I am getting ready for finals, but I just have to hope for the best! But trust me, I will try my best to be more active if I can be on here! Any-hoozies, I was requested a story a long time ago by @reyestiny93 about a Min Yoongi drama. I did think about writing a little short story, but then I realized, this story would be so much better if I made it in chapters. So that is what I am doing here. If you guys have Wattpad feel free to check my stories out, my user name is @Xiha9282 Well here is my first chapter, and I hope you guys like it! Feel free to add any suggestions, or add anything that really stood out to you (May it be good or bad), just comment below anything you feel is needed! Thank you!
To think I'm growing up so fast, already on my Senior year. I want to make this year last, have fun before the year is up. Only question I have is how? No matter what, I want to become good friends with my crush, Min Yoongi. It is going to be hard considering he is so popular, especially with the girls. But why wouldn't he be? He is a bad boy, he is a song writer, he is just so cool! I just have to find a way to talk to him.
Min Yoongi has these beautiful brown eyes, last month he bleached his hair, and just recently he dyed his hair to mint green. The original hair color is black, and you can tell this by his eyebrow color, plus I have had gone to previous schools with him. His skin color is a flawless white, it is almost like Edward Collin in Twilight when he stands in the sun, just... Minus the sparkles.
It is almost Halloween, and I am hoping to find a place to go for Halloween. One of the popular girls at my school is hosting a Halloween party, but I also have a friend who wants me to go trick or treating with her and her 7 year old brother. I plan on going to the Halloween party because I want to have fun this year, I want to have the teenage experience like everyone else. I just want to fit in this year, so I plan on befriending the popular people to get to my goal.
I am sitting in my Calculus class, writing my essay for my Language Arts class since I finished my work in Calculus class. Considering I was first done, when ever someone was stuck, they would come up to me. Min Yoongi had come up to me for help, and when normally I would tell everyone to do it on their own, I just couldn't with him. Who knows, if I am nice to him, maybe he could make me popular. What if him and I date? Ah, that would be a dream..
"Hello? Earth to Y/N! Are you going to help me with this stupid math homework or not?" Yoongi said waving his hands in my face. I hadn't realized that I was Day Dreaming about him and I, until he said something. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I will help you."
He was stuck on the easiest problem, but alas, I still helped him. "Say, Y/N, how about I come down to your place after school and you could help tutor me?" He whispered in my ear, "Uhm... Y-yeah, sure." He smirked. He patted my back before he got up to walk to his seat. Everyone was looking at me, and I was all red. Everyone was going to talk, spread rumors that aren't true. Who knows, this could get me in the popular crowd.
When lunch time came, I had tried to sit down by my friends, until Yoongi grabbed my arm. "Come sit with us Ace." He had whispered in my ear, "My name isn't Ace, but fine, I will sit with you." I groaned, I was looking forward to sitting by my friends today, but I won't let this moment pass me.
When I got to the table Yoongi introduced me to the other popular kids. At first they all just stared at me, but one of the girls smiled brightly at me, stood up and hugged me. "Oh! It is so nice to have a new member of the group!" She sounded happy and excited, she pulled back and extended an arm out for me to shake it. When I took her hand, she held onto my hand with both her hands, "I'm Starla, most people call me Star." She smiled brightly, "I'm Y/N, nice to meet you Star." I smiled back at her, she seemed more like the open person in the group, the more cheerful, happy, outgoing, friendly one. "Nice to meet you too, hun!"
Star had Long black straight hair, pale and flawless skin, her eyes we a beautiful forest green, and her smile was just the most welcoming, warm, and most amazing smile that I have ever seen before. She wore a cute black mini dress, one that showed off her curves wonderfully. From what I knew, she became popular because of both her personality and how beautiful she looked. Though she is beautiful and has the perfect personality, she has never been asked out or dated anyone. One of my guy friends used to be close friends with Starla, and even had a crush on her, he told me how she is Bisexual and that she doesn't have the appeal to date anyone yet. Word is, Starla is waiting for the right person, and waiting for her true love, instead of just dating a bunch of people like most popular people.
The next person to introduce themselves to me was Hoseok, He acted just like Starla, but he is also a dancer and was also open to talk to anyone and everyone. Hoseok is actually the leader of the dance team for our school, so every dance we see was actually made by him. Girls cheer-leading, band when they put a little umpth in their performance, break dancers, Performers like our Singers who aren't in bands, back-up dancers, our teachers when they want to perform, the whole dance team, and of course when we see dances during the Pep Assembly, or the Assembly, and when we see dancers during the talent show. Hoseok is also a complete dork, but he is always outgoing and trying to make other smile. He was really handsome, and with these amazing cheekbones, these cute thin lips, fluffy black hair, his hair was long enough to go over his brown eyes if he made it less fluffy, but if not, his hair covered his eyebrows.
Next was Nam Joon, he was the leader of the group, or so everyone thought so. Everyone is scared of him because he breaks almost everything on accident, and because of it everyone is scared to cross him or fight him or hurt someone he cares for. When I met him, he is actually a kind and sweet guy, he is really smart too. Nam Joon is someone who likes to make music, rap, and study. He really cannot dance when it comes to him dancing on his own, but teach him how to do a choreography and he will do great, it just... Takes him a bit to get it. Nam Joon hair is originally black, but you could tell that he bleached it because of both his eyebrows, which were black, and by the way his hair was. He had his hair to where it was shaved from side burn to side burn, and below, he had a type of jar-head haircut. He did not bleach that part of his hair, only the hair that he didn't bother with. When ever he would smile, you could see these cute little dimples on his cheeks. He, also, had cute brown eyes.
There was also another girl, her name was Yuni, she was more of the snotty girl. She is always hard on everyone, she is like a popular girl in those movies. She was the typical snotty, mean, harsh, rude, kind of popular girl. Everyone sees her as someone who either always gets her way, or who always wants it her way. She was really pretty too, with her long black wavy curly hair, perfect cheek bones, perfect nose structure, her eye brows were perfect, her eyes is a gorgeous sea blue, with a hint of green, She was just beautiful in every way. She is also the leader of the cheerleaders, and honestly, it is so obvious that she has a huge crush on Hoseok. When you get to know Yuni, you come to find out how nice and kind she actually is. She isn't that bad of a person, she is just harsh and not that friendly when meeting new people. Yuni just isn't much of a people person.
When meeting this group, Yoongi had his arm wrapped around my waist and introducing me to everyone. While he was introducing me to Yuni, Nam Joon, Hoseok, and Starla, I also got the pleasure of meeting the main pervert of the group, and his assistant pervert, Jimin and Jungkook. How I came to meet these two? These two boys had come up behind me, and Jimin was the only one brave enough to grab my ass, making me jump, blush, and push him away. Jungkook, how ever, had come up to Yoongi and said "Dang Yoongi, you found quite the girl here," he then came over to me and got so close to my face, to where our eyes were connected, our noses brushing each other, and we just sat there staring at each other.
The longer we stared at each, the more I was blushing. I swear I looked like a cherry. We sat there for a minute or two, even though it felt like five minutes, and and he smirked before kissing my forehead, and brushing my hair behind my ear, before walking away to sit down at the table.
Jimin came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around my stomach, and he whimpered in my ear, "Aww, don't let him play with you! I'm more lovable and cute, and sexy, you should let me have fun with you!" These boys just wouldn't stop, I was blushing so much, and I couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or if these boys gave me butterflies. I mean, they were really hot..
Jimin had had orange hair, just like red-heads, but he wasn't a red head. He has dyed his hair from dark brown to Orange. He was one of the "Pretty Boys," and always uses his looks for his advantage. He was the Asian yellow skin, which was a bit different since Nam Joon, Yuki, Yoongi, and Hoseok all had lighter skin, instead of the yellow skin most Asian's have. Jimin was one of the main singers in both the school's choir, and one of the bands at the school. But the band thing can be explained later. He works with Hoseok with all the dance teams, and choreography. They are pretty close friends, and both amazing dancers. While I was looking at him, I could see him smiling, and he even had this cute eye smile. His eyes where a luring brown, no wonder the girls all like him and his pervertedness. Not only are is eyes luring, but his muscles definitely catch your eyes. While he was holding onto me, I could even feel his abs, and pects rubbing against my back. No wonder I was blushing so much..
Jungkook was the youngest of the group, and you could tell just by the way he looked. He had the cute baby face, but yet the mature adult face, showing that he is still going through puberty. His eyes were very well defined, but you could tell that they are doe-eyed. They were brown, but looking at him, it was like looking at the perfect brown topaz gem. I may just be over reacting, but the way he acted, and the way he looked, it was like his eyes mutated along with those features. Unlike Yoongi, Nam Joon, and Jimin, Jungkook didn't dye his hair, he still had his black hair. Jungkook also had two earrings on his right ear, and on earring on his left. The two earrings on his right ear, they were right by each other. Jungkook was also shy, perverted, innocent (when it came to relationships or anything), kind, sweet, funny, but he would also be a little devil at times, he was also called the golden maknae of the group, one because he was younger than them, and two because he was so talented and he was always "Good." He is great at singing, dancing, rapping, heck he was just talented, what more can be said? I would guess this is why the girls also love him as well. Makes sense why they are the biggest perverts here.
"GUYS!!!!!!!" Jimin, Hoseok and I all jumped when we heard a boy yell at us really loudly, causing everyone in the cafeteria to look, "Taehyung! You need to stop doing that!" Jimin yelled at him, and started pouting as well, "Sorry Chim, but I found something really cute!!" Taehyung said happily and smiled brightly, showing off this amazing, and cute, rectangular smile. Nam Joon sighed, "What is it this time Tae?" Taehyung unzipped his jacket, revealing this cute Australian Shepard puppy. Starla, Yuni, and I all got all gushy seeing the puppy, when Hoseok was asking all sorts of questions about the dog, showing how much of a clean freak he is, while Nam Joon, and Suga were nagging at Taehyung to put the dog back where he found it, and Jimin and Jungkook were more focused on girls than what was going on.
Taehyung also had the Asian tan, and it fit his looks perfectly. He these normal brown eyes, and his hair is a light brown. By how his eyebrows looked like a dark brown, you could guess that his hair either got lighter, or he dyed it lighter. Taehyung was the weird one of the group, like abnormally weird. By the way he acted, you would think he was still a child, or he was just some alien. As weird as he would act, he was also a fun, happy, funny, cool person. He would act childish more than anything, but when he had to be mature, he would act mature and adult like.
Taehyung had offered me to hold the puppy, and I took the offer and turned around smiling, I was about to go to Yoongi and show him the puppy, but there was a girl that caught my eye before I could look at him. She wore a baggy long white sleeve shirt, and it was tucked under her navy blue skirt, but let out some of her shirt to show the baggy-ness and making it look cute. She wore navy blue flats, matching her shirt. She had a brown leather quilted bag as well. She was also drinking Coca Cola, not in a can, or in any disposable cup, it was in the original glass Coca Cola bottle. She looked to be Asian, only her skin was that of either a native American, or... Well, not to be racist, but black, kind of skin tone. She had long, perfectly curled black hair, which shaped her face perfectly, Her eyes were a beautiful hazel. Her breast stood out the most, especially with how big they were. Her figure was just amazing, almost model like, or Idol like. Following her, how ever, were a bunch of boys, and even a couple girls. By the looks of it, she was one of the popular girls as well. Before she could arrive at the table, she turned around, stopping everyone following her.
"Boys," She paused and looked at the girls, "And girls, no need to follow me every where. I wont get lost in this school. Please, leave me so I can hang out with my friends. I can deal with your needs later, but I will ask for something in return you know." Everyone became understanding, or was just so.. Mesmerized by her beauty, that they listened to her, and left her be. She came up to the table, up behind Yoongi and hugged him. "Hey Yoongi-Bear~" She said cutely and kissed his cheek before letting go, and before she could do anything else, she paused and saw me. She gave me a disgusted look at first, then she gave a cocky grin and came up to me, "Who is this girl? Is she a new friend, or just some girl with a dog?"
Yoongi came up and grabbed my waist, and her cocky grin faded. As she glared at me, Yoongi answered her, "Maria, this is Y/N, she is my girl." I looked at Yoongi, I was confused. I mean, since when did I become his girl? Or was he just telling this Maria that I was his girl just because? I mean it is obvious that this girl likes Yoongi, did he know? Did he not like her back? Does he like me? Or was that an act? Either way, I was confused. I was staring at Yoongi, almost blankly, "Maria, if you don't believe me, will this be more convincing?" Yoongi looked at me, pulled my waist so I got closer to him, then he kissed me. I could hear the cafeteria go quiet all of a sudden, then I could hear rumors starting. Did everyone really think we were dating? Is this his way of asking a girl out? Are we really going to be a thing? Is this just an act that he just wants to put on? I couldn't wait until after school to talk to Yoongi about all of this. I wanted to know what was going on, and I wanted to know sooner, rather than later.
Yoongi broke the kiss, and Maria pouted and walked away to sit by Jungkook, and leaned on his shoulder. He looked at us, and the look he gave us was expressionless. It was like he was confused, but also cool with this happening in a way. Jimin came over and looked us right in the face, "Oh! This is your girl?? Sorry Yoongi, I will leave her alone." Yoongi grinned, nodded to Jimin, and he let go of me and got on top of the table. He looked at the whole cafeteria, it was quiet once again as they all stared at him, waiting for him to explain what was going on. Heck, even I wanted to know what was going on, so even I was looking at him, waiting for something.
He stood up there, for what seemed like forever, until he gave us all his gummy smile, "Everyone," He started off, he had a strong voice for everyone to hear, as everyone was looking at him, except for Maria, who was just staring at me, "As you have witnessed, I have just kissed this beautiful girl," Yoongi gestured at me, "And I would like for all of you to know that she is the girl I like, and hope that she will say yes to my question here," He looked at me, walked up to me, as asked calmly, "Will you be my girlfriend?"
The words caught me off guard, "Wha-what??" was all I managed to say. Was he really asking me out? I didn't understand what to say, or do, considering what as all just happened. Yoongi frowned, "What do you mean what? I am asking you to be mine." I stared at him blankly, no, bewildered. I stared at him for a few awkward seconds until Maria spoke up, and you could hear the happiness and joy in her voice, "Yoongi-Bear, obviously she is saying no to you, which would be such a horrible choice considering this could be her chance to be popular, and have a real relationship, with a real man. If anything, you should have asked me to be your beautiful girlfriend. This whole school knows we would be the perfect couple." She sounded snotty, and almost convincing, but Yoongi looked at her with a disgusted look, he looked almost aggravated, as he turned around to face Maria, who was standing, hands together almost like she was seeing a dream, "Look Maria, I don't care what you think this whole school thinks, because you are wrong. If anything, almost everyone at this school just wants to date you, sleep with you, touch you," Before he could finish what he was saying, Maria smiled and interrupted, "Oh Yoongi! Is this what you want with me too? I would be more than happy to give-" Yoongi lifted an arm out of irritation, you could just see that he was becoming livid.
"Dammit Maria! I do not want anything to do with you!" Yoongi had strained the word not, as if he was drilling it in her head. Maria then started to realize everything. She just then noticed that he didn't like her in anyway that everyone else did, and sadness had appeared on her beautiful face. You could tell that she was fighting back tears, it was like she just got her heart torn to pieces. I just wondered, how long has she been throwing herself at him? Why did Yoongi choose me over Maria? Yoongi sighed, "Maria," His voice was calmer than just a second ago, "I just don't like you in the way you like me. If anything, we will only be better as friends, and nothing more. I like Y/N, and no matter what, you will not change that. Do not speak for those you do not know. I know you do not know Y/N, but I do. So now let her do her own talking." Yoongi turned back around to face me, this time I had an answer.
"Yoongi," I said calmly, and trying to hide a smirk, "I will be your girlfriend."
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