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Like the title says, if you aren't caught up on the anime Bleach, this might be a spoiler. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Anyways, finding out that he wasn't actually a bad guy, (I mean he was but he wasn't) and not finding out until Matsumoto is crying over his dead body??!!! My heart broke into a million pieces. I did not see that coming.. If for some reason he's not actually (dead) or what not.. Because let's be honest, people done normally die in Bleach, PLEASE don't spoil it for me! I have 54 episodes to go and then I'll continue on in the manga.
That's how I feel about every manga so I'm already expecting it to be better. @LesterRodriguez
I can't WAIT to start the manga!!! 馃槏 @LesterRodriguez
@UzumakiJess yeah @OtakuDemon10 is right but I didn't see it coming, I honestly hated him until he died and then I just felt hollow after it(no pun intended). wait until way later down the line you'll have a bunch of good and bad surprises mostly bad. but some REALLY GOOD.
@UzumakiJess sorry if I crushed your hopes馃槚
@UzumakiJess nah, he's dead. I kinda did see it coming that he was like a double agent or something, but only because I accidentally found out he was gonna die and that I would supposedly be sad about it, which I was馃槦
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