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I'm sure we all know, or most of us know, that BigHit is known for leaving hints about BTS' upcoming tracks and albums. Well, I was rewatching some Bangtan Bombs when I noticed a certain song being played by Suga. Watch this video!
Now tell me, doesn't it sound a lot like... THIS?! It's I Need U (Urban Remix) which was released on their recent album! LIKE WHAT?! That Bangtan Bomb was posted in January! They released part of their song to us, and we had no clue! Who else noticed this upsetting hint?
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BigHit throws in hints to see who rly paying attention. It's like everything turns into their version of where's waldo
When he played that song on the piano he was preparing for the instrumental intro part that he did for Gayo Daejeon (가요대전) when Kookie did his solo dance in the beginning of "I Need U"
smh....bighit gets me everytime
they had the urban mix of I need you out a whike...like maybe it wasn't exactly but they did it on a music show...can't remember what it was called I stumbled across it and it said I need you urban mix. same with the ballad ver. of run...they had them unofficially released but now they are official.