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WARNING: Mature Situations
The two of you turn on a K Drama. During all the romantic scenes you hear moans and groans,
“Seriously? Real men don’t act that way!”
He shakes his head, takes another bite of chicken, waving the chicken bone at the screen. “Is this what you want from me?”
He leans over, licks the barbeque sauce from his lips and puts on show.
He clutches his chest, reaches for you while pretending agony;
“Oh, my love. My darling, I can’t live without you.”
He takes ragged breaths as he army crawls closer, dropping his head in your lap.
“Go on without me. It is better that I die, then you. Just remember……” he gasps and clutches his chest again, “I love you.” And he fake dies against you with eyes closed and tongue lolling out to the side.
Two can play this game.
“Oh Romeo, Romeo, what hast thou done?” You grip his head in a choke hold and hug him to your breast where he can’t breathe. He swats at your hands and you hear a mumbled, “That’s not in script.”
“SHH!!” You reprimand him, “You’re dead!”
You shove his face back into the valley between your breasts. You feel a rumble from his chest and feel a tongue lick you. You immediately drop his head without ceremony into your lap, flinging your arms in the air.
“Oh happy dagger, this is thy sheath! There rust and let me die.” You pretend to die and fall on top of him. He’s face is smothered again and you hear,
“I have to say, if I’m going to die, I like it. Smother me anytime babe.” You reach down and pinch him which starts a tickle fight. Nobody won, and nobody cared.
It’s a lazy Sunday with no schedules, the perfect day to play hooky together. He pops up from your mat, "Stay put, I’ll get something for breakfast."
You lay there and watch him rummage in the fridge for rice, broth, and eggs. As he's frying up the eggs you lean up on your elbow and giggle. He looks over at you,
“Just enjoying the view. Hmm, I’ve heard that somewhere before.” You snark at him.
He pretends to be offended, “I’m slaving away to fix you a good breakfast and all you can do is lay there and ogle me?”
He does a couple of flexes and you break into full laughter,
“Well, you do give new meaning to “The Naked Chef”, but I’m not complaining.”
He walks over with his little tray and chopsticks. He picks up the egg and shoves it in your mouth, “Nasty girl, eat your food.” You salute and chew obediently.
Jak calls around mid-day.
“Hey, we’re going clubbing tonight. Ji wants to know if you guys want to meet us?”
You look down at his upturned face, “Clubbing?”
“Sure.” He grins devilishly, “Always up for a reason to have my hands on you.”
You shake your head, “You need a reason lately?”
You swat at the hand he’s started moving under your shirt.
“Behave!” He and Jak laugh in stereo,
“Well, that’s no fun,” Jak adds into the phone.
“Not you; however, I don’t know, I probably need to tell you too.”
“La la la la la,” Jak makes static noise, “[YN] I can’t hear you, you’re breaking up! See you tonight!” and she hangs up. You roll your eyes, put your phone down, and swat at a wandering hand again.
Kyungil goes through Jak’s closet,
“This one? No,” and puts it back after taking it out and holding it up against you.
“I can pick my own clothes thanks,” you remark as you stand there tapping a toe at him.
He leans over and kisses your nose, “These aren’t your clothes and what would be the fun in that?”
He pulls out Jak’s black lace dress you wore when you got the job.
“This. Definitely this.”
He looks over at you mischievously, “I remember you in this dress.”
“Fine,” you grab it from him and head to the bathroom. You turn and give him a peck on the cheek as you turn to close the door.
“I’ll see you when you get back.”
The club is hopping when the two of you arrive, he takes your hand and heads back to nuthang’s normal tables. Hey’s and fist bumps are the greetings as the two of you head over to Jak and Ji.
After you sit Jak leans over, “I guess I just need to give you that dress. Looks better on you anyway.”
You simply shake your head but then she adds,
“Just make sure he doesn’t rip it. They tend to forget and replacing clothes gets expensive.”
You didn’t think Jiyong was paying any attention but he suddenly leans down and adds, “For both of us,” with a pointed look at Jak. Jak turns the color of her hair and swats at him, “SHUT UP!”
He laughs, grabs her hand and pulls her out onto the dance floor.
Kyungil plops down in Jak’s empty spot, throwing his arm around your shoulders.
“What was that all about?” You glance over at the two on the dance floor and laugh, “Jak says don’t rip her dress. Ji says she has experience at having to replace clothes.”
He throws his head back and laughs.
“Well that explains all the new clothes. Not sure I needed that mental picture though.” He also looks over at them on the dance floor, grabs your hand and hauls you up. “That looks like a great idea, come on.”
The man didn’t graduate in dance without a reason, he can definitely move and you love watching him. He seems to thoroughly enjoy himself while dancing and he carries you right along with him.
It switches to a slow song and you get pulled and snuggled into his embrace. You could die happy, right here; tucked in his arms, no room to breathe, and happy little humming sounds coming from his throat. Life is perfect but nothing lasts and perfect is just a state of mind.
You wouldn’t have realized there was anything going on if you hadn’t felt Kyungil suddenly lift his head and tense up. You turn your head to see what he’s getting angry about. You can see TOP standing, shaking his head, and what looks like, him trying to turn someone around. Jak and Ji show up next to the two of you, he nods to Kyungil and tells you and Jak to go powder your noses. The curse of being short is not being able to see over all the tall guys to find out what the problem is. Jak takes your hand and heads to the restroom. When you step inside, you can hear her a little better.
“What’s going on?”
Jak checks her eyeliner, then adds more. Must be Lee, Jak’s putting on her angry eyes. When she’s done she smirks over at you,
“I think we’ve given the boys enough time. Let’s go show them how it’s done!”
As the two of you walk back towards the tables, you both take the hair bands off your wrists and put your hair up and out of the way. Anyone watching you would probably think it humorous since it was almost insync.
As you arrive at the tables you see Lee, the chick from Facebook the other day. Dressed just as scantily, if not more so than the night before. Several of the guys are talking to her but getting nowhere. She’s attached herself to Kyungil again; he’s standing ramrod straight, hands out to his sides. The hate in his eyes is obvious but the woman seems clueless as she gyrates against him.
Jak pushes the group out of the way to allow you and she room to enter. Lee doesn’t even turn when it suddenly gets quiet around her.
“Take your hands OFF my man Bitch!!”
That girl is a bundle of bad news 😡
Ohh damn!! It's about to go down!! Show her ass what a real beat down is!! Ain't no girlly water throwing in the face and slapping shit! KNOCK HER ON HER TRIFLING ASS!! lol😊
beat down beat down. she going down tonight. it is on like donkey kong girl. gosh this is a fanfic. and i wanna beat her ass.
it's about to go down yaaaas
It's time to send this crazy bitch packing! He's too much fun to let him have to deal with her anymore.