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I know they deaths made me sad but I don't know how madara death was sad. he killed so many good shinobi , so why would I be sad for his death...?
neji was the hardest for me to get over in naruto
I was kinda sad when madara die I was shocked when neji die I am going to cry my heart out when I see jaraiya die I cried for an hour when itachi die I cried for minato/ kushina obito was sad being used like that my heart brok whit asuma
Man guys.... Itachi's was devastating to me. But Jiriya's was the absolute worst.
Madara's second life was hella short, but the only person who was sadden over his death was Hashirama. For me the hardest deaths was 1.Jaraiya 2.Minato/kushina 3.Asuma 4.Neji 4. Itachi 5. Obito (yeah he made it on my list, on a very narrow margin) 6. Madara馃槖 (zero fucks was given)
when Madara died I almost started laughing
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