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I know they deaths made me sad but I don't know how madara death was sad. he killed so many good shinobi , so why would I be sad for his death...?
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neji was the hardest for me to get over in naruto
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I was kinda sad when madara die I was shocked when neji die I am going to cry my heart out when I see jaraiya die I cried for an hour when itachi die I cried for minato/ kushina obito was sad being used like that my heart brok whit asuma
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Man guys.... Itachi's was devastating to me. But Jiriya's was the absolute worst.
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Madara's second life was hella short, but the only person who was sadden over his death was Hashirama. For me the hardest deaths was 1.Jaraiya 2.Minato/kushina 3.Asuma 4.Neji 4. Itachi 5. Obito (yeah he made it on my list, on a very narrow margin) 6. Madara馃槖 (zero fucks was given)
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when Madara died I almost started laughing
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