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Pairing: Yoongi x Jimin(Yoonmin)
Rating: M
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Smut, Romance
Plot: When Yoongi makes a joke that turned out to be a mistake, it ends up hurting Jimin. Yoongi thinks he’s overreacting but Jimin isn’t, a past he wants to forget returns, and Yoongi is the only one who can heal him.


Chapter One: It was just a Joke!
(2341 words)
Never in Min Yoongi's life has he ever despised, loathed, scorned, detested a person so much that it should have be illegal. He wanted to eradicate this man, he wanted to burn a fire under him and slowly watch him burn.
It was a simple joke, a harmless joke. Everyone in Bangtan plays jokes on each other all the time, but the first time Min Yoongi goes along with it and plays a SMALL joke to that annoying, small dongsaeng of his, he ends up going to far. 'What is too far' though Yoongi, 'That bastard Jungkook always goes way out of line for his stupid shit and never gets scolded at, but I do one fucking thing and they're on my back.'. Yoongi's blood was boiling, and it didn't make it any better when no one took his side, he was all alone.
He was in front a his 5 band mates excluding the 'victim' as Yoongi liked to call him. What was more infuriating was the need to have their own manager in the room with them. The room was quiet, a pin could drop a mile away, they would still be able to hear it. The silence didn't make it any better either, Yoongi had been waiting for at least 10 minutes and no one had said a single syllable. 'I don't see the point of keeping me here without saying shit' Yoongi thought. In fact, he wasn't asked to join them, he wasn't asked to make a meeting, pick a date, or a time where he was free. NO, they decided to do it by force. They took him by surprise restraining his hands behind his back, saying that he was going to fight back. That is not how Min Yoongi does shit, he does not fight, if that was what they thought then he would do it on purpose and that was what he did. He thrashed around, kicked, yelled and twisted in their grasps on purpose but, that only resulted with Yoongi being hit in the gut by Jungkook, and hard.
Yoongi wanted to leave the room since it seemed like it was a useless idea to be there in the first place if they weren't going to say anything. But that seemed like it was a bad idea, he knew he would get punched again and much harder than before. As the clock ticked away Yoongi became more impatient, "I'm soooo bored, can I leave, this is so stupid" he said in a taunting tone.
"Shut your fucking mouth!" Jin immediately fired back, "You are going to sit there and wait until we want to say shit to you" Jin added. All Yoongi did was let out a scoff, leaned back into his chair and stretched is arms out in the air cracking his muscles, opening his mouth again,"He's just being a sensitive bitch".
That earned him deep glares and small gasps from everyone in the room. That followed a loud bang on the table from Taehyung, tears threatening to fall from all his frustration and hatred towards the rapper. In a low growl, he spoke, "Hyung..you are just so-", " Shut your mouth Yoongi hyung because you know very well that you're in the wrong here" Hoseok yelled out, he then patted Taehyung's back. He stood up, walking over to Yoongi, facing him straight on. "He is just a child", Yoongi tilted his head to the side "An adult" he stated. Hoseok took a pause, giving him a look. "Right an adult, but still, some of us take things seriously and sometimes there's a limit to how far we should go and you went too far".
"Okay" Yoongi said. "But how would I know that he takes shit seriously, or that I went to far?". Everyone in the room let out a grunt. "He asked you to stop, he was crying, crying the hardest Iv'e ever seen the poor boy cry. He begged you to stop" Hoseok practically yelled right into his ear. That made Yoongi stand up, with horror in his eyes "He did not say such a thing. He never said stop, he was never crying, that prick was laughing and playing along with me. What the fuck..your going to believe him!".
Jin suddenly hollered out, "Jimin wouldn't lie about something like that. He was hurt, just admit that your in the wrong instead of making shitty ass lies."
"Shitty ass lies! In the WRONG? It was a fucking joke, why is everyone making a big fucking deal about it" . Yoongi said, stomping around the room. He let out a few frustrated screams before slowly finding his way back to his seat, along with Hoseok going back to his own seat before he punches Yoongi with all the force he had.
"You went too far!" Jin said, trying to keep his anger from exploding at the younger boy. "You went too far, you crossed the line big time, you should feel ashamed of yourself!"
"Ashamed, for what. I did nothing wrong! Everyone here plays jokes on each other all the time but I crossed the line? That doesn't seem right. Like I said he's being a senseti-"
"YOONGI", Jin yelled out, he banged both his hands on the table repeatedly and stood up ready to lung his whole body over the table and strangling the shit out of Yoongi. Never in Jin's life would he had thought that he would hate one of the members, someone he considers family. Jin's face was beat red, his breathing was labored as he made his way over to Yoongi, never in his whole entire life would Jin fight someone but today seemed like it was the day.
As Jin made his way over to Yoongi, he stood up also facing him straight on, raising his voice just like Jin, "YOONGI WHAT, YOONGI WHAT? I should be the victim here not him!". "Sit the fuck down" Hoseok said "Both of you!".
Yoongi let out a loud sigh and obeyed, giving Jin dirty looks.
Jin went back to his seat, more frustrated than before, he was going to say something to Yoongi but Namjoon grasped his arm tightly, making the older look at him. Namjoon shook his head, making Jin make a fist and shoved it in his mouth to manage not to say anything. "Your at fault" Namjoon said to Yoongi, that was the first time their leader had spoken and his voice didn't seem pleasant.
"At fault my ass. It was a small joke, nothing to it" Yoongi said," He's making a big deal out of nothing and all of you are so quick to believe him? Out of all the people in the world...him?"
"YOU...YOU DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND YOU STUBBORN, IDIOTIC, PATHETIC EXCUSE OF A MAN!" Jungkook yelled out of rage banging his hand down on the table. It shocked everyone. The youngest speaking in a foul language toward one of his hyung's. No one expected him to say anything during that 'meeting', but who could stay quiet over this. Jungkook admired his hyung, but at a moment like this, what was the point looking of up to him when he's acting like this.
"What is with your tone, YOU SHOULD GIVE ME RESP", "YOU DON'T DESERVE ANY FUCKING RESPECT" Jin screamed out and that seemed to shut Yoongi up, making him tense up a little. "I'll apologize then?" he said, "Not going to happen" Taehyung blurted out, "You need to actually be sorry" Jungkook added in.
"Need to be sorry? It won't matter? "
"Yes it will. You hurt him, and until you understand, and know that what you did was wrong, and over the top, and can actually be sorry for it, it won't count? Hoseok said, "He won't know" Yoongi added. "Yes he will. Your'e too straight forward, and he will ask why you did it too. What are you going to tell him?" Hoseok said back.
Yoongi let out a 'tch and shook his head. "But, I'm not sorry. I stand by the fact that I did nothing wrong. Please walk me through it, walk me through what I did wrong, huh. Because Jungkook does worse things to us, but we never say anything, we let it slide. SO why me?"
"Because, this hurt him personally" Taehyung said. "Personally how? Because If I don't know what I did wrong how will I know that it was something I shouldn't have done? Please tell me why he took it so personally, because I have no fucking clue".
Everyone in the room stayed quiet. They gave each other a few glances and shakes of their heads, never saying anything.
"So what am I going to do?" Yoongi said. "Get banned, Get suspended, a time out? Or whatever you would do. I'm not going to apologize." Yoongi said. Namjoon let out a sigh and finally spoke again "You....need a break, leave the group for a while and cool your head, maybe some sense will smack its way into you".
"What? Leave the group?" Yoongi yelled out.
"Not, like that, but take some time off" Namjoon said.
"No. I won't leave the group or take some 'time off'. I have work to do. I'll figure it out.....I will"
"I can't believe that you will, as the leader, I say that taking some time off is the best option."
"I don't want to, as I said before, I have a lot of work to do. And we have a concert in a few weeks right? Would you risk that, me taking some time off, it would lead into no practice, no practice means a bad performance and you know we don't want to disappoint our Fans. Along with that, if I leave word would get out faster than a wildfire in a dry and humid forest of trees. I will not admit that I made a mistake, because I didn't. I will 'try' to understand, but I know I'm not in the wrong just because you say so. I know its 6 against 1, I know i'm stubborn, but I do not back down against things that I believe are right and wrong. You're going to have to deal with that. And deal with the fact that I will not back down, and that I'll probably never say sorry or believe that I am wrong. Hate me, I don't care"
And with that Yoongi stood up and walked out of the room, slamming the door in the process.
Everyone stayed quiet for a few minutes. Jin turned towards Namjoon and gave him a look," What are you going to do?" he asked, "You heard him, we'll have to figure something out, we have to do at least something" Namjoon responded back. Jin gave him a faint smile, resting his head on Namjoon's shoulder and slowly rubbing his back. After a while the other three boys left the room with their manager, and Jin followed suit, leaving Namjoon by himself.
In the room next door, was Jimin. He heard everything. The walls between them were weak and that made it possible to hear everything, they were loud enough to hear every word at least 3 feet away. Jimin was crouched on the floor, his hands covering his ears as he slowly swayed his body back and forth. He let out a soft cry, tears streaming down his face. It was hard for him. Yoongi being blamed for something he doesn't know he did, and it hurt Jimin that he couldn't trust his hyung enough to be able to tell him, he had told everyone else but Yoongi and it hurt that he wasn't able to control his feelings. His words, his actions, and the memories that forced its way into his head. He had tried many times to stop crying, but the tears wouldn't let up.
It took him about half an hour for the tears to stop flowing, he finally got up from the floor and made his way into the hall, slowly walking up to the elevator. Entering the cold shaft, Jimin wrapped his hands around his body, trying stop his tears from falling again. He got to the last floor and entered the car that was already parked outside for him. Once he entered he let out a shaky sigh and told the driver to go.
In the other car it felt like segregation for Yoongi. All the member we on one side of the car, and Yoongi was left to fend for himself on the other side. Once they got home, Taehyung immediately started looking for Jimin, only to find him nowhere. Yoongi had overheard him telling Jin, so he made his way to his room to sleep off all the shit that had happened. All the members followed suit.
Jimin finally got home after taking a few detours. He entered the front foyer, taking off his shoes before entering the house. He looked around the dark room, not being able to see anything he started to fumble around. He managed to find the couch and sat down. He let out a soft sigh.
'Why did I go. Why didn't I just stay home' thought Jimin. He was worried about his hyung. He was forced out of the dorm without an explanation and to Jimin it didn't seem like a good sign. He was going to stay home anyway along with Jin and Hoseok telling him not to leave the apartment and Jimin was going to obey, but as he started to pace around the room his worries got to the best of him and before he knew it he was standing in front of their company. No one knew he was there, that made things much easier for him to sneak into the room next door.
He took his hand and passed it though his hair letting out another sigh. Jimin closed his eyes, leaning back into the couch and slowly falls asleep.
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