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안녕하세요.. Hello loverlys! KPopBeat here with your new MV... Today I have chosen Junsu also known as Xia from JYJ and formally from TVXQ. As I have a lot of people express how they like it when I put more than one MV from the artist I have chosen so they can get a better feel of the artist... I will be adding a little handful to this card... YAY!! *Que Applause*
Junsu ('86) debuted in 2003 with the group TVXQ under SM Entertainment. After some issues expressed by him and two other fellow group mates Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun, all three boys left the company and later formed the group JYJ. Each member has their own career now but they are still apart of the three member group.
Xia not only is known as a singer-songwriter, a dancer, a stage actor (He has done a bit of theater musicals), but he is also a business owner. There is no doubt this oppa has become very successful, but to the younger or newer Kpop individuals he is not very well known.... so naturally.... I decided to pop your bubbles and give you yet another Kpop artist to love/adore/and steal your moneys lol.
I have decided to show you a few songs. These are only a few of his songs that I absolutely love... but he has many many more that I wanted to add to his card here... but I am limiting myself.... so you want to hear more you will have to go find them yourself! lol Or feel free to comment and ask for more suggestions.... BUT ANYWAYS!!!!!
The songs I have picked today are two of his English tracks... yes... english... as in the language you might have forgotten they make music in lol. The first is Uncommitted this is my favorite song of his.... in the way of slower songs anyways. I could listen to this song on repeat forever if I had to. His English is fantastic and the song is sung flawlessly... the next English song I picked was Intoxication. Now this song is older and you can tell from the two songs how much better his English has gotten... In no way do I say Intoxication isn't good though.. I do love the song.... Next we have Tarantallegra... now this song... is probably my all time favorite song from dear Junsu... it is catchy.. the dancing is on point and I loved it all around... Note this song is in Korean as well as the last song I am going to post which is Flower.. Now this song is one of his more recent songs having been put out in March of last year..... Well have a listen and tell me what you think!!
Well??????? What do you think? Did you like one of the songs more than another? Is he worth looking into? Do you already know him? Already a fan of his solo work or group work? Let me know peoples!!!
Well Until tomorrow my loverlys!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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Junsu will always be my main bias. I've loved him for years. Always have and always will. For me, "Flower" is the best kpop video I've ever seen. The technicality of it is simply amazing. Anyway, very nice card.
flower is my favorite song
Flower is actually the song that got me listening to Junsu. I love the video. it's amazing. But, my absolute favorite song of his is OeO. The funny part for me is that I'm very much an 80's headbanger. I even have Megadeth tattooed on my right arm. Bit I absolutely adore TVXQ/JYJ and Xia
@KiKi29 Thank You very much. I am glad you enjoyed it.
@Tania538 I try to keep up the mind reading lol
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