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Sorry for not writing when I promised to. That week was hell for me, Finals and finalizing my trip details and packing to go to China. I came back last week, I had so much fun. I suggest that once in your life you should travel there. I've had so many ideas on how to finish this series, I've decided to let it write for itself. Please, Follow me on Instagram, I've had a chat room for fan girls where we share videos and talk about almost everything; mostly kpop. We have so much fun. Oh BTW, on my way back home, I stopped at LAX airport for a connecting flight, and you'll never guess who I saw there!!!!.......DRUM ROLL, PLEASE...................................................................................... Collin Farrell, not sure if I spelled it right, but he was right next to me. Such a funny story, let me know in the comments if you want to know more. I just don't want to bore you anymore with something irrelevant to my story. Please EnJoY!!!!!! Warning: MATURE CONTENT.

I turn around in Kris's embrace at the sound I heard behind me, some girl crashed into the clear glass door and fell. Kris quickly lets me go and goes to help the girl up, I fold my arms across my chest, annoyed. That girl will do anything to get his attention. I see her put her right hand on her head, looking like she's going to faint. Kris wraps his right arm around her shoulders to keep her steady, "You Okay? Here, let me help you walk to the coffee shop. Do you want to go see the doctor?", Kris said. "No, I'm fine!! I don't need to see a doctor, I just need to sit down when we get to the coffee shop. Thanks Kris." she said, her eyes widen just a bit at the mention of a doctor, I don't think he noticed but I did. This girl is hiding something and I plan to find out tonight. Kris looks up at me from her and gives me a sheepish smile as he sees me with my arms crossed. I don't want to see that face, because it pains me knowing there is something fishy going on here and he is too innocent and naive. I turn and head to the coffee shop, I jog up to the rest of the gang. Julie gives me a worried glance and I shake my head, I'm just going have to be very careful with the information I obtained. The gang starts to trickle in the shop and Lay has the door open for all of us. He sees Kris struggling and runs over to help, I grab the door and open it for them. Looking at her in her pitiful state, starts making me feel like I shouldn't expose her. Until, I see her pass me with a smirk on her face, then in a blink of an eye, her face looks pained. "This Bish..." I muttered under my breath. I close the door after they walk pass and see them sit her down in a lounge chair. I walk over to Kris and grab his hand and walk to the counter to order. Kris tugged at my hand to get my attention once we reached the counter, I turn to look at him. His expression is concerned, I can see his gears working in that fabulous head of his and before he can put it into words, I interject, "Do you think she likes coffee or tea?". His face expressed surprise and then his brows furrowed, "Umm... I don't know, I think an Ice Americano." I turn to the cashier and order an Iced Americano and 2 Caramel Macchiato, one with extra caramel. Before Kris reaches for his wallet, I use my card. He pouts, "Why did you that? I was gonna treat you to coffee." I reach for his face and pull it to my own, "I know you would, but you know how else you can treat me?" He widened his eyes and licked his lips, "By not putting your arms around another female." I let go of his face and see that the cashier is bringing our drinks. Kris leans down to my ear, "That's not fair. I was just trying to help." He grabs the tray of drinks, I say, "I would have gladly offered my assistance but I didn't have a chance. Next time, babe, when it concerns other females, think twice. How would you like it if I had Chanyeol carry me?" I could tell that really struck a nerve. I see his eyes narrow at me, while I take the lead towards the table and I say over my shoulder, "Exactly!". There is so many of us, 12 exo members, 3 foreigners, and 6 girls. They had to split into 7 groups. In my table, sat Chanyeol next to Kris and I'm sitting next to the two-faced bish. I grab my drink and hand her the Iced Americano. Chanyeol drinks a fruit smoothie. "Why would you order me an Iced Americano? You don't know anything about me to know that I don't like it.", she said in a cute voice but I heard what it really meant. "Actually, you're right, I don't know anything about you," Her eyes lit up and was about to say something until I said, "But Kris is the one who said you might like it. I guess Kris doesn't know anything about you as well." Her expression darkened and when Kris cleared his throat, she brightened up and said, "Oh, Kris ... I've switched from Iced Americano to Hot Tea and you probably got confused." He gave a small smile and nodded. While she was talking, I was looking at the pictures Jasmine took from her phone and sent myself the pictures I was looking for. Jasmine gave me her phone while we were splitting up to be seated. After I finished my drink, I couldn't stand for her blatant flirting, in my eyes, but otherwise discreet infatuation that these boys clearly do not see. I cleared my throat and I looked pointedly at Kris. He saw my look and started to shift uncomfortably in his seat. 'Alrighty then, if you won't do it, then I will.' "Hey, Jennifer. Do you know about the scandal involving Kris and Chanyeol?" I asked her. She looked at me and feigned surprise. "Really? Omo, what happened?", she asked. "Well, Kris and Chanyeol were fighting over me and I was really drunk and I threw a beer bottle at Kris and he got hit in the chest. Thankfully, it didn't hurt him. But on the ride over in the taxi, things got a bit steamy." Her eyes widen like big saucers and looks between all three of us to gauge our reaction. Kris looking away and poor Chanyeol, red in the face. I continue, "I was sitting in the middle, their long legs and buff bodies were squishing me. Both of their bodies emanating heat, making me hot, and you know what happens when your drunk and hot. Clothes come off. I start to hitch up my skirt and pull at the sleeves. Chanyeol was trying to stop me from stripping down my dress, while Kris was trying to pull down my dress. My body didn't want to be held down, I kept squirming and that's when all hell broke loose. One of Kris's fingers, grazed my inner thigh and made me sit still. I had one free hand and I grabbed Kris's hand and I shoved it--" "STOP!!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THIS!" Everyone in the store looked at our direction, I tried to lower my voice and tell her that she's making a scene, but she turned feral eyes at me and bared her teeth. "You are Lying!! Kris would never do that! Just because you have a nice figure, doesn't mean he's interested in you. His type of women is not some shameless whore." My eyes widen at how quickly she snapped and the words rushing out of her mouth, like word vomit. I looked over at Kris and Chanyeol, mirrored expression of shock. I look back at her and taunt her, "So Jennifer, you think you're the right woman for Kris?". "I don't 'Think', I 'Know'! AND MY NAME IS NOT JENNIFER, IT'S JESSICA!!" **************************************************** WELL, GUYS TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK? DID YOU FIGURE OUT WHO IT WAS? OR WAS I TOO OBVIOUS? ALSO, COMMENT WHETHER OR NOT, I SHOULD DO A SMUT SCENE IN MY NEXT CHAPTER. THANKS FOR THE LIKES!!!!
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I want Chanyeol and jinny to be together!!! you should do a smut with them!!!😱😃
@yaya12 I'll do an alternative ending once I finish this series
Please add me to the tag list!! Smut is always fun. 😀
Sorry it's supposed to say craycray not caycray. Anyways can't wait for #13!
Oh snap it happened....how is Kris gonna handle this....
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