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Do You Remember Character Names?

For some reason I'm really bad at remembering the names of characters after a drama ends...

Unless of course its like "DO MIN JOON" or "GU JUN PYO" because they yell that a billion times each episode (lol)

So let's test YOUR knowledge of character names, shall we?

Name the characters below:

From "My Love from Another Star"

From "Playful Kiss"

From "Coffee Prince"

From "Reply 1997"

Leave your answers in the comments!

(For example, Kim Soohyun's character from My Love from Another Star would be...Do Min Joon!)
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i remember Lee Minho's Goo JunPyo Joen Jin ho Lee Yoon Sung Choi Young kim Tan Kim Jong Dae Lee San
a year ago·Reply
Hahaha can't forget gu jun pyo
a year ago·Reply
@SusiBosshammer lolol me too!!
a year ago·Reply
I only remember Choi Han Kyul from Coffee Prince XD but there are other dramas were I remember characters names like Choi Dal-Po from Pinocchio and Kim Tan from Heirs
a year ago·Reply
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