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@PrincessUnicorn since I'm in my ummm not so happy mood?? I decided to do a hunhan one but all in luhans pov.
Luhan looked around his room sighing to himself as he packed the last of his stuff. He let his eyes wonder around and see what would be left after he leaves. Luhan picks up his favorite stuffed animal and smiles remembering when he got it. He got it from his boyfriend, Sehun, on their first date.  Luhan walked around the carnival waiting for it to be 6 o'clock. He kept looking at his watch waiting. Every minute felt like ten. He couldn't take it anymore but stayed calm and went to a bench that he was suppose to met Sehun at. You see, Sehun and Luhan actually were dating while being trainees at SM. So they really didn't live together until they came into the group EXO. But it was hard for them. Luhan was in China singing while Sehun was in Korea.  Luhan felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up from his hands and saw brown orbs looking down at him. Luhan smiled brightly and stood up grabbing Sehun's arm and swinging it a little. Sehun could only chuckle at Luhan's cuteness and smiled back. Luhan remembered how they went to all these games and ate so much food that they were stuffed to the max. He even remembers how he got the stuffed animal exactly.  Sehun went up to the ring toss and saw the cute deer animal. Right away he thought of Luhan and how he looks close to a deer. Sehun went up and payed the man so he could try and get it. On the other hand Luhan was watching Sehun from the back scanning his every move and muscle. People thought Luhan was a creep but he ignored them and went behind Sehun and put his arms around Sehun's waist which made the ladder jump and miss the bottle for the ring to go on. Sehun sent a glare to the older one only to have Luhan stick his tongue out playfully.  After thousands of tries Sehun finally got the deer. He smiled and turned to Luhan, who was almost passed out, on the bench. Sehun made a light smile and walked to Luhan and picked him up to take him home. It was the next day when Luhan saw the deer and thanked Sehun for it. Luhan even kept on saying sorry that he fell asleep during their date but Sehun kept saying it was fine since they both had to go and go to lessons. Luhan smiles as he lets a tear fall down from his check and puts the animal down onto Sehun's bed. He turns and dosen't look back knowing that he will cry a storm he leaves his 2 favorite things behind. Luhan walks out the door leaving everything behind. Later that day Sehun came home and went straight to his room to check on Luhan since he was sick in the morning. Sehun entered his room to find that all of Luhan's things were gone and only a letter and deer stuffed animal was left. Sehun walks up to the bed and looks at the letter. He opens it and starts to read it.  Dear Sehunnie,  You must not be happy to see that my things are not there in the room,right?  Well i'm sorry for leaving like this. But I need to go. This would be for the best. At least that's what they say. You know who they are right? The people we trusted the most. But anyways I want you to have a good life. I left my favorite stuffed animal for you. Sehun, promise me you will find love and that you will keep your ring with you too. I'm sorry but it will be a way of remembering me. I won't see any of you again actually. But stay happy for me. I love you Oh Sehun. Remember that. Forever and always, Your Luhan Sehun looked at the letter and let tears fall. He heard a phone go off and saw a unknown number on it. He answered and when he heard someone ask if he was Sehun he knew something weird was happening. Cause who would have his number besides his friends and family? "I'm sorry sir but a man named by Luhan was killed in a hit and run. I'm sorry" Was all Sehun heard as he fell onto his knees and scream Luhans name letting tears run down his face. The other members ran to his room to see Sehun on the floor crying his head off. This was a breaking point for everyone. ~Tell me what you think please!!!~
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My heart just broke :'( Good job, though! It was really good :)