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Youtuber MysticGotJokes put together a list of 10 annoying things BFs do.

I have to say, not all of these are true and there are definitely more annoying things that boyfriends (at least MY boyfriend) do, but its still worth the watch!

1. Making the bathroom smelly.

When you got to go, you've got to go right?
Well, how about using that air freshener...

2. Farting

Okay, I promise this list isn't ALL about boys being smelly. But seriously?

3. Burping

My dad STILL thinks his burps are discreet enough to let one go in a public place. THEY AREN'T DISCREET.

4. Liking other girls pictures

Okay, this one doesn't bother me that much. I have guy friends, my boyfriend has girl friends - its normal!
In his example though its pictures of random hot girls...that might be a little odd for me haha

5. Ignoring

I don't know if its just my boyfriend, but he is the king of zoning out. But on the flip side, he can't even get made when I ignore him, ha!

6. Hogging the blanket

Or the sofa, or the bench, or whatever I am using to be comfortable...

7. Snoring

Subtle snoring I can deal with, but I used to be able to hear my dad from my room in the house. I don't know how my mom dealt with that!

8. Asking for threesomes

Is that a thing people have been asked? Really?

9. Moving her stuff

In my case, its a problem of NOT moving my stuff. I'm really careful about my electronics but he's find to just put stuff all over my laptop or phone instead of just moving them aside to a safer place...

10. Always horny

"What are you cooking, air?"

I don't agree with all of these, but I can definitely relate to some!

Who can think of some annoying things their partner has done?

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yeah don't cave on your standards
i do get horny a lot
ctsr1.girls like donnaescropolo who date on standard always get hurt.there is no standard or what so ever in love.
I dunno. as long as standards are not unrealistic and a person is willing to be understanding then they are good things. standards which are unobtainable or require a person who is not human then they can lead to hurt. for sure.
my girlfriend says she doesn't agree with some of these