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This was popular hairstyle during February but I'm bringing it back because it can double as a really cute hairstyle for Summer. With a little bit of alteration you can turn this cute half-up braid into a pretty summer updo pictured on the lower right.
Once you mastered the basic you can try different variation of this style.
Take a look a the video below for a quick introduction!

Heart Braid Updo Variation:

1. Add dry shampoo into the roots for more texture. (totally optional).
2. Create a center part. Then make a curved hairline that hits the top of the ears. Clip it the side.
3. Start French braiding from the crown in a curved direction and allow it to form a half heart shape. Important: Only use hair from outside the heart shape, not hair that's in the clip.
4. Once you get to the back of the ear, release the clip and braid the rest of the hair to the nape. Follow up with the opposite side.
5. After braiding the two sides are completed merge it together by one last braid.
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Do you know if there is a tutorial for creating this braid on yourself?