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"Well my plan didn't work." We broke apart and looked at the voice that spoke. Jimin quickly pulled me behind him so I was being protected by him. "Adam you best be leaving." "No I think you need to go back to the party before things get worse for you." Adam said "Sure...Come on (y/n)" Jimin said grabbing my hand and we started to walk back t the party. "No just you...your girlfriend here is upset." The girl walked out from behind Adam. "Shes not my girlfriend." Jimin said "But we are." She said with a smirk. "I think you two are crazy." Jimin said pulling me away from them and towards are different entrance. "Yea might be just a little...but you gotta do crazy things to get what you want." I stopped and caused Jimin to turn and look at me. I turned around. "What are you saying." "I'm saying that I want you and would do anything to get you." "So you did this to get me?" "Yea. I'm way better than that gay boy over there. This girl here....close friend of mine. She likes Jimin so she claimed him. " He pointed at Jimin. I took care few steps and ended up in front of Adam. "One noone can claim someone. Jimin can make his own choices and if he says they arent dating they arent dating. Two...What did I tell you?" I was now in full on bitch mode. "Sure lets see how well her not claiming him works. And I am more manly than that gay boy. He wears makeup and sings like a gir...owwwww" He grabbed his face. I had punched him hard. "I told you to never bad mouth Jimin to me. If you did you were going to regret it. Jimin may wear makeup but he doesn't need to its part of his job. He sings beautifully and he has a better body than you will ever have...wonder why I never wanted to date you? Because honestly I can't date someone with a body like yours after dating Jimin. That may be a shitty thing to say but I dont care. If you ever come near me again there will be hell to pay." I turned and walked back to a shocked faced Jimin. "Wow." was all he said as I pulled him away from the scene. I might have been weak on some parts but I could be strong on other parts. Once we got out of the garden Jimin took the lead and lead me through the party. I was finally calm but all I was thinking was the warmth Jimin's hand let off. He pulled me into an empty hallway. He finally stopped and turned to face me with a smile on. I looked at him trying t see what he was thinking. He lightly pushed me against the nearest wall. He placed one hand on the wall next to me and finally removed his hand from mine only to place it on my cheek. "I've missed you like crazy." "Jimin." I quietly said trying to gain composure. I needed to tell him what I was thinking right now. "No you can't lie and say you didn't miss me too.' I smiled "I wasn't going to say I didn't miss you. I was going to say it's been very hard trying not to miss you." "Oh" He laughed and he moved his thumb on my cheek ever so slightly. "I'm sorry you thought I was dating that girl." "It's ok...If I would have asked instead of avoid it I could have solved my issues. I was really heart broken thinking you moved on." "I'm really sorry about it...but you being upset kind of made me really happy." "why?" "Because you weren't hiding your feelings. You showed me you still cared deeply for me...although I already knew it. It's nice to have reassurance." "Jimin..." I didn't get to continue speaking. Jimins lips were pressed against mine. He pulled back for a second to readjust and them kissed me again. I kissed back and pulled him closer to me by pulling at his shirt lightly. His body was then pressed against mine and I moved my arms around his neck. His tongue slipped into my mouth. I could finally taste him again. I let out a soft moan and he deepened the kiss again. We had to break apart to breath and we were both trying to catch our breath. He rested his forehead against mine. "Wanna get out of here?" He finally said. "Yes please." We snuck out of the party and went to my place. Jimin did text the guys let them know he was staying with me tonight.
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We barely got into my apartment. We slammed the door shut and couldn't keep our hands off of each other. We broke apart to take our shoes off and throw our jackets somewhere before our lips connected again. "I missed this." Jimin said against my mouth. "Mmm hmm" I couldn't speak. I was trying to direct him to the stairs. We stopped and I pulled away. He took a breath and I poked his nose and then quickly ran up the stairs. "Get back here." He said running up the stairs. "You gotta catch me." I laughed. "Oh I will and then you will be punished." "Oh I like that." I stopped right after I opened my bedroom door. I didn't have to wait long before Jimin picked me up and threw me on the bed. He quickly crawled on top of me. Instead of going for my lips he went for my neck. He caused me to whimper. Then he slowly trailed down pulling part of my dress down. He stopped. "This needs to go." He hiked it up and pulled it off of me. I forgot this dress didn't allow for a bra so I was just down to my underwear. "This isn't fair." I covered my chest with my hand. "You are right. Do you want to help me out?" He asked hovering over me. I smirked I removed my hands from my chest and pulled his shirt over his head and then connect our lips. I fumbled with his belt and then eventually he took over and pulled his pants off. I took control this time and pushed him down. I climbed on top of him. I leaned down and kissed his lips and moved my hips to help rub his growing member. Then I trailed down his neck and started kissing and biting. "I can't wait." He said and flipped me back over. "But I wasn't done." I playfully whined. "We can do that another time I want you so bad." He pulled my underwear off of me and inserted one finger and checked to see how I was. After a few pumps of one finger he added another. "Jimin....I want you inside...." I tried not to moan. He pulled his fingers out and then pulled his boxers off and placed his member at my entrance. He pulled one of my legs up so it was next to his head and he slammed into me. Causing a moan to come screaming out. "Did I hurt you?" He started to pull out. "No you didn't....keep going....please...." I whimpered and he smirked. "Beg." "Fuck Jimin...Please....Fuck me." He seemed please with that and slammed back into me. Another moan escaped. We were in this position a few seconds there felt like....I'm had ended up grabbing on to his thigh and scratching. "Fuck" He said before dropping my leg and rolling me on top my stomach. I knew what position he wanted so I fixed myself to be in doggy position. He gripped my hips and was thrusting in slow at first until.... "Fuck me harder." "Oh God yes!" he said then he started pounding harder and faster. I was about to finish... "Jimin....I'm about to.....oh god!" I couldn't stop my orgasim from coming. He pounded a few more times before he stopped and rested on my back. Both of us breathing hard. He rolled off of me and laid next to me. I rolled over and looked at him. He was still sexy as hell sweaty. He looked at the me and leaned in and kissed my lips. "Amazing." He said pulling me close to him to cuddle. I wrapped part of the sheet over me and laid my head next to his. "I could never forget how amazing you are in bed ever." "Well thank you. You are pretty amazing yourself." I giggled and then just started tracing shapes on his chest. After a little but he grabbed my hand in his and held it in place. "I love you (y/n). But i need a rest a bit before we can go at it again." He smirked. "Oh ok...well I guess I'm tired too." "Good." He pulled me closer and moved me so I was resting on his chest with his arm around me and the other holding my hand. I could hear his heart beating and I fell asleep fast.


What the hell was that buzzing. I felt around trying to find it. Where the hell is it. After almost falling out of bed I grabbed it and answered. "Hello." "(y/n)?" "Yea." "Is Jimin with you." "Yea he's sleeping next to me." "Ahh. Well can you wake him up." "But you called my phone." "No I called his." I looked at the phone and saw that it said Leader Man as his contact. "Sorry Nammie. I'm still half asleep." "Haven't heard that name in a while." He laughed. "I won't ask what you guys did...I'm sure I'll hear all about it later....Any ways can you wake Jimin up?" I poked him. "'s Nammie. " I poked his side. "mm...tell him I'll call him later." He rolled over and pulled back into his arms. He kissed the top of my head. "I want to have this morning with you." He said into my hair. I pressed the speaker button. "Go ahead Nammie." "Jimin there are pictures of you and (y/n) at the party last night. They are all over Internet. Right from when you punched that dude all the way till you vanished." Jimins eyes shot open. "Everything?" "Yea they got some nice shots of your make out session...but on the positive there were some awesome shots of (y/n) punching that dude." "Shit." We both said looking at each other. "Although people are confused since you were with that model or people thought you were dating her. Alot of people had said that you and (y/n) are a badass couple who will fight for each other." "How would they know why we hit him?" I asked "Simple alot of people were around for Jimin hitting him and then several had witnessed you hitting him for what he said about Jimin." "So what do we have a do Namjoon?" Jimin was now getting off the bed. He was looking for his boxers. I watched. Not a bad view I was smiling. I quickly grabbed his boxers that were right on the edge of the bed and hid them. "Well that's up to you two. But we need you here within the hour. We need to address this before it gets too out of hand." "Ok.Thanks Namjoon" He said and he stopped and looked at me. "Where are my boxers?" I smiled and held them up. "You." He said "What?" I smiled He jumped on the bed. "Namjoon I will see you in an hour." He hung up the phone. He had me pinned. "Did you like the view?" "Oh I loved it." "Damn you (y/n) how can you be this sexy." "I was born like this." He grabbed his boxers from my hand. He pressed his lips to mine. "We can continue this later ok?" He got off and put his boxers back on. "Wait you can't go out in your party outfit. Hold on." I got up put my underwear back on and went to the closet. I pulled a few things out and threw them at him. "You kept it all." "Yea I can't get rid of them they are too precious to me." He walked over and kissed me once again. "I really do love you (y/n)" He quickly pulled his stuff on and I put some clothes on as well. I followed him out of the room to the ktichen. "let me make you something before you go ok?" "ok." He sat down and I started cooking. As i was cooking i was thinking of what was going on. This is something I wanted to avoid at all costs, but im not scared of what is to come. Is it because I dont want to lose Jimin? Or is it because I know how we bith feel for wach other. Will I be strong for him if he wants me to be? After are few minutes I had made him sausage and pancakes and eggs. As he ate them I finally was going to tell him what I wanted. "Jimin...I have to tell you something that you need to know." "Ok what is it." "I'm sorry for everything I did to you. I love you but I am.....Or was afraid of what I would be able to handle as your girlfriend in the eye of the public." "I don't want you to worry about that. If you don't want to be...." I cut him off. "I'm not done Jimin.....I'm was afraid but I know I'm more afraid of a future without you." "Baby if you choose to be with me I won't let anyone mess with you. You're my girl." He smiled "Baby." I said and smiled. I hadn't heard him say baby to me in several months. "Sorry...but I will always call you baby. You are mine." "No I like it.....wait I'm not your's yet" "Oh really?" I nodded. "(y/n) will you be my girlfriend again?" "Yes of course." I smiled and kissed his cheek. "So does that mean we should go to Namjoon together? he asked "Yea that would make sense. We need to talk to them all to see what they want to do." "Alright well let's go." He grabbed my hand and we headed to our future together.
Alright so what do you think? First time I wrote a this...kisses are easy lol. I'm not sure how this smut scene turned out...I mean I'm ok with it but I'm not sure if it's enjoyable....I would greatly appreciate some feed back. Also OMG!!!!They are back together!!!! How amazing is that!!! I was so excited and I wrote it!!!! lol
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reunited and it feels so good. couldn't help myself from singing that song. I have enjoyed every moment of this so far
Yay! How could you have ever thought you could resist Jimin! You couldn't fight it, his pull to you is just to strong! Bodies drawn together, just had to give in!😊😊
that was hot I'm glad she ended up with him I hope things go well after that though
that was a good chapter 👌
can you tag me plz
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