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I finally got my album in the mail today and it also came with a few goodies.
Front,back and CD
my boarding pass wish it was real lol.
It also came with some cute photo cards. JB looks so hot in these pictures.
a huge poster that I now need a frame for so I can hang it up.
a photo book with a bunch of photos from the photo shoot for flight log. The book also has all the songs in it with the words and who wrote it. Each one of the members also wrote thank yous to the fans and everyone who helped with the album.
My shirt also came in, so as soon as my light stick comes in I'll be ready for the concert in July. @kpopmom @BBxGD @luna1171 @Amberg171997 @KpopGaby @ShailaZaman @MYAlpha
This is the reason why I want this album sooo bad!!! γ… γ… 
@KpopGaby I can't wait to actually listen to the full album.
@lilbr0wneyes It's nice! You'll love it
JB pictures are mine ..... Hahahahaha you can only keep Jackson 😈😈😈
@kpopmom lol JB does look really good in these pictures but sorry they are all mine. haha