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What defines a super model?

It's definitely not the way she dress, smiles or look. It's all about the pose!
I always thought modeling is an easy career. All they do is smile and pose right? Well, it's a little more than that. If you're camera shy, your pose will come out unnatural. In addition, being a model means you need to prepare many poses under a short amount of time. Well, here's a secret to good a pose: be confident and have fun.
One of my favorite model Coco Rocha could come up with 50 poses in 30 Seconds. 30 Seconds!!! That's amazing.
So, here's a challenge! How many poses can you do in 30 Seconds!
Quick video below to fuel your creativity!

I love CoCo and her attitude of being supermodel :)
@LindaGuandique She is! And good luck. :)
wow she's amazing!!! Gotta say I'll be taking this posing thing as a challenge now
@cindystran thanks 😉