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Four Months Ago
The rain is coming down in sheets, what the heck? Minutes ago it was sunny and you were happily on your way to class. Now you look like a drowned rat and can’t see more than 2 feet in front of you. You start to run, hoping you can get to the building before your satchel and everything in it becomes drenched.
Three feet from the door your body crashes into another running body. You fly backwards into a puddle, your satchel flying in the other direction, its contents spilling all over the ground.
“Are you SERIOUS?!?! WHY? I just wanted to get to class, is that too much to ask?”
“I guess it is today. I just wanted the same thing.”
You look up to see a hand coming through a sheet of rain. You grasp it and he pulls you up. He hands you your satchel and papers.
“These were all I could find, I hope it’s everything. Sorry about running into you, I couldn’t really see you.”
“I’m sorry too. I’m new; I guess I’m not used to the weather yet.”
“Speaking of,” he points to the downpour, “we aren’t getting any dryer.”
He takes your wrist and runs you the last couple of feet to the overhang of the door.
You smile and turn to make your way to class. You hear a cell phone and glance over your shoulder to see him turn towards the door to answer. Stopping at the restroom, you grab a handful of paper towels; then run to grab one of the only remaining seats at the back of the classroom. As the professor starts his good morning spiel, you are busy using the paper towels to blot at your papers. Your hair is dripping back down on them, it's rather defeating your purpose.
You hear the door close and a pair of wet converse squeak to a stop in the aisle. Glancing over you see a guy bow to the professor and then slide into the seat next to you. A minute later a paper towel comes over to squeeze the end of your hair and catch the drip. You glance up in shock and see the guy from the rain. He smiles, hands you the rest of the paper towels he brought with him; turns and pretends to listen.
Once you have everything semi-dry; all the wet towels shoved into your satchel, you turn to see what you’ve missed. Your shoulders slouch as you see an empty board and have no clue what is even going on. Hearing a pencil tap next to you; you glance over and see a page of notes angled in your direction. You look up in surprise; he grins and turns back to the professor.
When you're done copying his notes; you lean over and write on his paper, Thank you. He looks down and smiles, nods his head. Underneath it he writes; My name is Wonsik. You write back, [YN]. He smiles, holds his hand out and you shake it.
Present Day
You don’t know why you’re so nervous. You and Wonsik have been friends since that day in the rain when he ran you over. Well, that’s how you like to tease him anyway; it was really both of your fault.
It’s almost the end of the semester; you’ve been sitting together each day and going for coffee after. He’s a funny guy, with a quirky sense of humor. You don’t know much about his family but he mentions his brothers often, always telling you stories of times they’ve gotten in trouble. You figure he must be really close to them, he’s in college after all and they still live together? He never mentions his parents, which makes you wonder if he doesn’t mean his frat brothers? But you don’t think they have those here in South Korea.
You arrived in South Korea six months ago as a Visiting Student to the National Seoul University. You know very little of the language, taking classes that offer both Korean and English translations. You have no idea what ever possessed you to say 'Yes' to South Korea. When your counselors mentioned the exchange/visitors program you thought, why not? You expected them to send you somewhere like Jerusalem or London, places you’d heard of other people going. When they came back with South Korea you were stunned. You know nothing about this country, except that they had been at war with the North side back when your grandfather was in the service.
You’re trying to learn the culture; a few people have taken you under their wing and saved you from some probably, really bad situations. Wonsik's been the most help, even though he laughs at your innocence but then explains what things really mean.
He’ll joke around and tell you; “If a guy comes up to you and says this, you tell him, NO! Flat out. However, if I say it to you...” to which he always tries to flirt and wiggle his eyebrows. You aren’t too worried; you can tell he’s a total player.
He’s cute and he knows it. Females are always coming up or trying to follow the two of you around. A few times, you’ve seen him stop and talk to them, take pictures with them. You’ve thought it strange but then again, you always just shrug it off.
Today he wants to take you to meet his brothers. The guys he’s been talking about for four months. He seems to think they’ll accept you into their little family; that you’ll fit right in. He isn’t taking classes next semester and wants to still be able to hang out. A text arrives as you finish your make-up:
WONSIK: Hey, I’m here. You ready?
YOU: Ready as I’ll ever be.
You take one last look in the mirror, grab your bag and head out the door.
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I love the whole "so people just come up and take pictures with him, weird, but whatever" piece of this. This would be me, I'm a little oblivious sometimes in social situations, and just decide to except people's quirks at face value. *Not my business, whatever makes you happy*
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