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HeartB Heart Ballad (하트비) Debut (Y.M.D): 15.05.05 Label: Marble Pop Entertainment Music Videos (Official Videos): -Missing You (혼잦말) -Remember (밥 한 공기) -Beautiful -#A Song For You (#너로만든노래) Discography: -Shine (선택해줘 digital single) -Missing You (혼잦말 digital single) -Remember(밥 한 공기) -Keep Your Eyes Closed (가만히눈을감고) -MiStory (美STORY) -#A Song For You (#너로만든노래 digital single)
Symbol: 👆🏻 OFFICIAL SITES: daum cafe Facebook official website Youtube Twitter Instagram
Now these are their music videos if you dont know them check them out their really great!! ♥ HEARTB ft. Andup-remember This song literally had me crying from the lyrics the first time I heard it. (it is a sort of pop/ballad) HEARTB-beautiful The music video was kind of weird to me but the song is great and the lyrics are good.(pop/ballad mostly pop though) HEARTB ft. Zia- missing you This music video has a story a sad story.ㅠㅠ (pop/ballad mostly ballad) Sadly they only have 4 music videos. I will not include the fourth.
Members:(in order of the pictures👆🏻) Name (Real Name): Jin Wook Hangul: 진욱 Position: Vocal Birthday (Y.M.D): 94.02.03 Height: 188cm (6ft 1in) Weight: 67kg (148lbs) Blood Type: AB Name (Real Name): Chan Young Hangul: 찬영 Position: Vocal Birthday (Y.M.D): 95.02.05 Height: 185cm (6ft) Weight: 65kg (143lbs) Blood Type: AB Name (Real Name): lee Dojin Hangul: 도진 Position: Leader, Vocal Birthday (Y.M.D): 95.12.28 Height: 182cm (5ft 11in) Weight: 62kg (137lbs) Blood Type: B Formerly of*: Iconize as Lee DuRyeot Name (Real Name): Byul Ha Hangul: 별하 Position: Vocal, Maknae Birthday (Y.M.D): 97.07.13 Height: 182cm (5ft 11in) Weight: 60kg (132lbs) Blood Type: A So this is heartB an amazing ballad group! Comment below what you think of them. Reporter/Writer @Dboy ~~