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hiya ! so regarding my kpop lockscreen series, i had made a set of rules for people who request. so instead of it being a pain to copy and paste the rules every time i have a new lockscreen post, i'll just make a card with the rules and link people to that :D so without further adoo .. ado? adoo? ???? anyway, let's go !


(੭ु˙꒳˙)੭ु⁾⁾*✭ a request should be requested on the latest lockscreen or the one before. reasoning : okay so my reasoning behind this is normally when i make lockscreens, i only memorize the request. i normally forget who it was requested by and what lockscreen post it was on, so it's a lot better for me when it's on the latest or at least the one before that example - requesting on the (which is currently #22) or requesting on # 21


(๑• .̫ •๑) ✧ a lockscreen request (or any kind of request) must be 5 lockscreens or under reasoning : okay so making these lockscreens take a little longer than some might think. when you or anyone requests something, if i don't already have a picture of the idol requested on my phone, i have to look up pictures and save them. but i have to choose picture that go well with each other, then i pick the design i want the pictures to be in and from there it's like picking filters, fonts, and text. but it's a bit time consuming so that's why i made this rule.


˭̡̞(◞⁎˃ᆺ˂)◞₎₎=͟͟͞͞˳˚॰°ₒ৹๐ this is more on the optional side but it would help if when stating your request, to name the group the idol is in or if the idol is an actor, please just state they are an actor. reasoning : okay so this has happened a couple of times, and it was fine in the end, but some individuals had requested "youngjae" this confused me greatly because i wasn't sure whether to do B.A.P's youngjae or GOT7's. i ended up just asking the person but that took some time because some people take longer to respond which set back the date i wanted to release the next lockscreen post.


( ͒꒪̛ཅ꒪̛ ͒) make sure when requesting that you're clear with your request and it's easy to understand what you're asking for reasoning : so sometimes i can't tell if you want all the idols requested on one lockscreen, or each in a separate lockscreen. this has had me start debating with myself which kind you want so it makes it easier if you're clear with your request :-)
that's all ! i would really appreciate it if when requesting you follow these rules. it would make the process of making the lockscreens faster (which means that the lockscreen posts will come out quicker) and it makes my life a whole lot easier. thanks for understanding !
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add me as one of your kpop lockscreen fan!! lol