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1. Embrace Your Natural Hair Type Now is the time to let your hair type do its own thing. Do you normally blow your wavy hair out straight? Add a little gel, let your hair air dry and rock some easy finger waves. Curly hair? Layer and texture your hair to the max so you can simply apply a paste and go. Have naturally straight hair? Go for a razor cut to achieve a soft, free look. Add a little mousse, air dry, then flip over and shake out the hair while running fingers throughout the length. Let the summer sun be your blow dryer!. 2. Dual Purpose Bun The ballerina bun is a great tool for keeping that fabulous blow dry lasting two or three days. The way? by having them twist while twirling the hair in and around into a bun-like hairdo at the top of their crown and securing it with a light bobby pin or clip that won’t leave a dent. The great thing about this trick is when you wake up in the morning and drop your hair down, it will have amazing body and bounce. If you notice a little bit of texture or frizz, it’s nothing a five minute with a round brush won’t fix. 3. Braid It Up Depending on the desired end result, braids can create an amazing beach-like texture for your tresses. After showering, braid your hair two inches down from the root. Play with the amount and the size of braids for your ideal wave texture. Want to add a little sass? Texturizing Spray (Recommendation on the photos). If you already have a natural curl, trying adding these products to your hair and see how amazing you’ll look and feel. 4. Go Old School One of my oldies but goodies is a typical roller set which is easy and fabulous. It takes about ten minutes and gives you that “’just got my hair done’ look. The best part is while you’re waiting for them to cool, you can get your makeup done and be ready to go! 5. Dry Shampoo Goodness Dry shampoo is great for creating texture and absorbing oils, leaving your hair feeling clean again. Make sure you test out the product first before purchasing because some can leave a white film which is okay for blondes but may look obvious on brunettes and darker hair. 6. Cheat With A Half Wash If you don’t have dry shampoo or baby powder or just don’t like the texture those products give you, try a half-wash. Section the area from in front of the ear to the top of the head, tie back the rest then wash the top only. This way you just have to blow dry and style the top portion of your hair leaving your hair fresh again!