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I'm back with part one of the story ^_^ hope you enjoy <3
“ Noona! Hyung! We shouldn't be doing this.” Hanbin whined for the tenth time since we decided to go to the river down the road. “ We won't get caught I promise!” I cheerfully smiled towards the two boys following closely behind. “ Also don't call me Noona I'm not much older than you.” I scrunched my face at the thought. “ Yeah Bin we have all been friends for years now and you still call us that way.” Bobby sighed throwing his arm around Hanbin's shoulder shaking him slightly. “ But my mom said..” He started, but the words fell from his mouth as a single finger pressed against his slightly open lips. “ Binnie how many times do I have to tell you be yourself around us idiot.” I smiled sweetly before running the rest of the way to our detestation. “ Ya! Wait for us!” They yelled quickly following suit until it was a full blown race to see who could get there first. This was how most of our days were spent, sneaking around having fun behind our parents back. Our seven year old selves didn't want the fun to ever end, but things were beginning to change weather we wanted them too or not. A few months after our day at the Han river we soon turned eight and began the year that everything started to change. “ Y/n do you have a minute to talk alone?” A few girls from our class asked while looking everywhere except towards Bobby and Hanbin. “ Sure?” I said not fully grasping what was going on as I followed the girls out of the room. “ That girl is an idiot.” Bobby muttered under him breath shocking Hanbin as he quickly stood tailing her while making sure not to be seen. “ Hyung what's going on?” Hanbin whispered as they quickly rushed behind the girls confused about what was going on. “ Y/n is an idiot. The other girls have never talked to her before, yet she just follows them no questions asked.” Bobby sighed rubbing the bridge of his nose before inching closer to where they were all standing. “ Y/n You need to stop hanging out with Bobby and Hanbin so much.” The girl who asked her to come outside barked, completely different from before. “ Why would I do that they are my best friends.” I said not fully understanding what was going on until another girl laughed. “ Bobby and Hanbin are everyone's yet nobody else can even get close to them because they are always with you!” She yelled as it finally dawned on me what was going on. “ Gross you guys like them?!” I said disgusted by the thought as they looked towards me as if I had the plague. “ She is such an idiot.” Bobby hissed forcing himself to stay still as Hanbin kept watching both Bobby and Y/n as if something just hit him. “ So you think just because I stop hanging out with them they will come to like you?” I asked baffled at their way of thinking. “ Well..” The first girl looked towards the others unsure of what to say. “ Why wouldn't they like us?” Another snorted completely full of herself. “ One because you are trying to scare another person into staying away from them. Two they still find girls gross, Well in binnies defense he is afraid of girls.” I chuckled silently watching their faces twist. “ So if that was all you wanted lunch is almost over and I haven't gotten to eat.” I sighed just as my stomach started to rumble as I looked back towards them just as an arm wrapped around me. “ You are an idiot Y/n you know how you get when you are hungry let's go eat!” Bobby smiled as if he didn't hear a single word that was muttered, but as they turned to leave he quickly shot the girls a glare that froze them in place all while Hanbin watched from afar.
like I would punched the girls xD
please tag me in the next one
@Stephany123 it's still only the beginning 😈😅
why do u do this to me keep going lol
Omg so cute! And the nerve of those snobby bitches! lol
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