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OK so I usually do a poem to vent buttt my poem switch is currently off, so I'm just going to rant for a moment over me, the only one I can judge and change, so lately I have been feeling.. stuck, like I see my goal and I know where I want to go and be but I'm not getting anywhere, it feels like I'm isolated and it scares me...a little (lot) now before you freak out I'm not asking for help, I'll take it but it's not required, I know this place because I have been here before, usually before, during, or after a significant turning point in my life, which for those of you who care enough to follow me, know I'm starting a career, I just discovered I love poetry(wow) and I have only been married for 10 months so I have all three.. so, and this may be the young scared me talking, I think it's time to shutdown my outward focus and shift to me, to discover the real Justin.. I don't know, adulthood was supposed to be solved by now I think but I'm a late Bloomer, point is I haven't spoken to me in a long time, too long in fact, I miss me, so for now excuse me please if I seem a little self-centered, Justin needs to talk to me, I'll still be here don't worry, this was just a daily reminder for me to not forget me
Self realization is definitely important. Finding who you are, what you actually want in life, and how you want to share your gifts comes before anything else. In the end, everyone around you will benefit too because you will be a happier and truer you. Good luck with your journey!
thank you I'm a little nervous lol