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OK. I apologize in advance but just like every sports fan online right now, I can't stop talking about the Odor-Bautista fight that broke out yesterday. Yeah sure, we see baseball fights all the time, but what we don't see too often is a punch like the on Odor threw on Bautista. As I've already said, this punch will come down as one of the greatest punches in sports history.

Just take a look!

Perfect blow.

And of course, we need to analyze the situation and everything, but what we are more concerned is the analysis of the punch itself. So ESPN decided to just do that.
So they brought in Teddy Atlas,

ESPN Boxing Analyst.

Perfect analysis Teddy.

Damn, that was Mike Tyson's Punch Out level. Did you see this @JeffTurpen?
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I wanna know how the hell Bautista was still standing after the punch!
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@DavidGom Would've been a KO if Odor had a better punch haha.
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Perfect aim though
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