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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors.

Even before the NBA playoffs began, almost everyone was expecting the Warriors to take the whole thing and win another championship after their incredible 73-win season. There were a few bumps here and there with Curry's injury and others, but they once again cruised to the Western Conference finals.
But then this happened today.

Game 1, on their own home grounds, the Warriors lost to OKC.

Sure the OKC have a great tam and they beat the Spurs. But I honestly did not expect them to beat the Warriors at Oracle Arena. Even though I still think the Warriors are going to make it to the NBA Finals, it isn't going to be easy.
And...the four teams left are the four best teams in the NBA. You never know what's going to happen.

Basketball fans, who do you think will take this one after today's result?

@DucktheFodgers Haha yea. Its going to be a lot more exciting than I thought! I honestly did not expect this either!
@DavidGom My bad bro haha
And as Curry said, it's going to be fun watching the team come back from all of this.
Is the series over? Nope. It's only been Game 1.
Wow....really? It hurts enough