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Jessica talks about her ex-member Tiffany's solo: Jessica said, "I have listened to Tiffany's song and watched her music video (of I Just Wanna Dance). I have also watched her Showcase. It shows that Tiffany really wanted to express herself."
She also gave a statement about the rivalry between Tiffany and her solo. She said, "I feel that to a lot of people, there's a competition between me and Tiffany and they think it's fun. Rather than being rivals, both sides came out with the different types of music, so I hope you guys have fun while listening both. I support Tiffany's promotion and i hope it goes well."
Jessica also talks about her relationship with SNSD members since her departure. She said, "There are members that I still talk to, and there are also members that I don't. Although we cannot work together, I hope SNSD goes for a long time and do really well." For all those sones who still believe in OT9, including me. And believe that someday they will reunite again. It is more possible now since Jessica already reveals that she and her ex-members are in good terms. Let's go for a long time guys!