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So many people will assume I'm hating on Cana Alberona but fret not because I ain't she's actually my favourite fairy tail character and why she is will be explained in a minute first let me tell you spoilers will pop up so be aware keep reading if you don't care but you see There are so many loved characters in fairy tail every character in the show having a different reason for living them, Natsu his ambition, Lucy her courage, and most of all for me, Cana for her determination. A lot of people when they first think of Cana Alberona they think either who? Or oh that drunk girl? I see her as an under loved character the reasons I love her are very simple well first her determination, she wouldn't quit fighting for S class to tell Gildarts that she was His daughter and even though she said she couldn't tell him even if she didn't get S class she was so determined to tell him she tried for four years and not getting anywhere she told him anyways even though she didn't make s class next she is relatable she was a young girl wanting to have a parent so she hunted her dad down he was always gone so she grew up started magic got much older then simply started drinking to cope with the pain of not having parents around as do many people they do things to hide other things and it makes her in my opinion one of the most relatable characters, you also see how sensitive she actually is and how easily embarrassed she gets like she wanted to tell gildarts so bad that she got upset just talking about him then after him being all clingy she got super embarrassed over that and finally her determination towards the guild, she doesn't care if she isn't s class she knows she needs to put her all into every fight and make sure none of her friends or family get hurt and even goes above and beyond to help out and her magic might be kinda limited but even so I think her magic is great she can still do a lot of things as long as she plans and creates skills and tactics and knows how she is going to attack and she carefully places every card but even without the versatility and having to rely on cards she has done it since a young age of you do something long enough you learn to do it even if others think it might be impossible but all in all I find her to be a great character booze, boobs and everything in between ((no photos are mine all are off google and I don't claim any all rights and stuff to the rightful owners))
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