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After lathering and rinsing off the shampoo, the obvious next step is to use a conditioner to moisturize and protect your hair from getting tangled. But what happens when you skip using the conditioner?

Your hair might feel lighter.

As weird as it sounds conditioner softens your hair but they also weigh down your hair. The job of conditioner is to coat the cuticle but after a day or two you will start to notice your hair gets greasier faster. Which is why most hairstylist will only use conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends.
Instead of using conditioner every time you wash your hair, try using it every other wash. This will allow your hair to be less dependent on conditioner for soft strands.
If you hair tangles up after shampooing you can apply jojoba oil or argan oil, Then, use a wide-tooth comb and remove any tangles from the bottom up!
This might not be the best solution for you if you have dry hair to begin with. Which is why I recommend everyone to test out different ways to condition your hair to see which method works best for your hair type.
My hair seems to be healthiest after I dye it, only because I switch to an expensive shampoo / conditioner that won't pull too much of the color out. Its by Awapuhi which is a Paul Mitchell company I guess?? Anyways, when I use that I only use the shampoo every 2 days. I condition the ends only with a tinnnnny amount once a week & my hair is sooo light!
@JessHawks That's great! I also have the coconut shampoo from ogx and has worked better than the tea tree one (which is a little drying). I'm glad you found a method that works best for you!
I haven't conditioned my hair in over 6 months, and I use coconut shampoo from ogx products. I also have a residue free shampoo I'll use every once in a while. I don't brush my hair until after its all dry because it does get tangled without conditioning but I pretty much don't have any split ends. I also pretty much never use any heat or chemicals in my hair and my hair is the best it's ever been. It's soft and I don't have frizz as much anymore. Everyone's hair is different though for sure :) it took me about a year of trying different methods to find this one's the best for me.
This is weird. I literally just read an article about it being the opposite. skip shampoo not conditioner. . ..
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