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We were all really taken aback when the Thunder beat the Warriors last night.

Even the so-called experts were not expecting a Thunder W in Game 1. Most of them expected the Warriors to take the series and some, including ESPN's Skip Bayless, predicted a perfect 4-0 sweep for the Warriors.
So you guessed it. OKC fans and players were ecstatic to prove Mr. Bayless wrong. And Enes Kanter was one of them.
This was Skip Bayless's orginial Tweet.

And after the game?


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na I just like puns @mchlyang lol
@HandsomeBacon Hahahhahaa well his name is he's never gonna skip that one.
@mchlyang sounds to me like he may want to skip town lol
Don't worry guys. Bayless might be wrong on this one, but there's no doubt that the Warriors are going to win the series
Guys, we talking like this is Game 3 or even Game 4. It's only Game 1. Let's not get too worked up here!