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Mutton meat tends to have stronger smell and tougher - thus used mainly for stew, curry, etc. According to food connoisseurs, the best lamb meat is called "lamb pré-salé", and comes from the regions of Brittany and Normandy, France. Lamb grown in this salty environment supposedly have a particular delicate flavor. sources: http://homecooking.about.com/od/cookingfaqs/f/faqmutton.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamb_and_mutton
@minjaeturtles i think that would be really awesome; i hope its not a bother lol
@Goyo haha thanks I suppose you can message me with any questions you have and I'll try my best to find out :D
@minjaeturtles ur cards are cool man lol how can we make more requests? lol
@paullim did you have buuz (fried mutton dumplings)? I had them almost every meal in Ulaanbaatar, really wish I could have gone to see the gobi or gotten outside of the city.
@Aero2042 you're welcome! if you have something you've always wondered about, ask me and I'll try to figure it out :D @PaulLim Man I've always wanted to go to Mongolia. My friend told me that the vast openness is something one just can't put into words
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