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Just a thought: have you ever been shipped?

Online (Tumblr, Vingle, etc.), by your friends/family, whatever & whoever~

Personally, I like making requests on Tumblr because all of my friends get annoyed when I mention K-pop ;^; (hence, some of my results for 17 above lol)
The best part is when they successfully guess your bias - the goal for some bloggers :9
However, one of my biggest concerns is how to show appreciation for those fans who take the time to ship other fans.

Seriously, what can shipees do to show more appreciation??

I mean, I'll follow their blogs but I still feel like they deserve more :(

So if you haven't been shipped and would like to be, make a request (to whoever does them on Vingle or wherever) & show your shipper(s) some much deserved love!~ ^^

♡♡♡ Remember: be courteous!!! ♡♡♡ ♥ @taetaebaozi has opened requests here! ♥ @mrsjeon has opened requests here!


yeah, never been shipped just one of those crazy I don't feel great blah blah complaint.
I don't prefer being shipped. I'd rather ship my idols with other idols. Like Markson, MarkGyeom, 2Jae (basically all of GOT7 with all of GOT7), ToDae, and a bunch in SEVENTEEN.
@jessicalnichols consistent! nice 🙂
I have been shipped with namjoon (bts) jin (bts) and suga (bts) vingle, tumbler, and friends
I'm curious as to whom I will get shipped with! I'll have to try it sometime
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